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Hi, perusers; In this article, we will discuss the Mirror Band, which needed to drop its Hong Kong show. Dear perusers, would you say you are mindful of the news that the band Cancelled a show on July 28 in light of the fact that a major screen fell on the artist?

The Kpop Concert Accident is certainly not another thing on the grounds that a comparative occurrence occurred with 33-year-old musician Frankie Chan on July 26. The band can go on a world visit with the exception of the Philippines, in the United States.

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Short Introduction about the episode

The renowned K-pop band Mirror part got harmed on the grounds that a video screen looming over the top of the entertainers for recording broke unexpectedly. After this, the show was stopped, and the harmed individuals, including two female artists, were owned up to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It occurred because of a specialized issue.

How to Visit to a Kpop Concert?

To join the K-pop show, go to the authority site of the k-pop show and check; Is the band acting in your country? Click on the ticket for the show and book your ticket. On the off chance that, you have missed the show in your neighborhood city, then you can email the patrons or the ticket venders in your space. They will orchestrate a ticket for you.

The alternate way is that you can watch out for the report about their shows. When you hear that they are coming to your city, you can join the show easily. Notwithstanding, after the Kpop Concert Accident, the fans are terrified, and the group is on rest as a result of wounds. In this way, we can’t expect the following show very soon.

As displayed in the video film of the mishap, three players stalled out in a huge TV screen after it imploded. They were harmed and numerous other staff individuals were additionally harmed. According to online sources, the wounds to the harmed were not that serious with the exception of one.

As per the Hospital Authority Spokesperson, one female artist was in a difficult condition because of neck wounds, and the others were steady.

The request for Investigation into the Kpop Concert Accident, has been conveyed to the police office by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive John Lee. In this way, fans petition God for their quick recuperation to watch them again on the stage.

FAQs –

Q.1 What is K-pop?

A.1 It is the cantopop kid gathering of Hong Kong.

Q.2 what number are there in the K-pop gathering?

A.2 There are twelve individuals from the K-pop Group.


The famous band of Hong Kong Mirror dropped its 28 July show because of an unexpected mishap.

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