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Ourummah is an online store that claims to assist Muslims grow and prosper. Its registration date is 2020/10/26. Although the web site has no contact information, there are no social media links to contact them. This means that the company may not exist, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t legitimate. This review is going to discuss the website and the products and services available. Read on to find out how we rate the company.

Jomaa’s writings draw on political science, history, philosophy, and theology to provide a critical analysis of the ummah concept. The ummah is often understood as a group of people who are bound together by religion and ethnicity. However, it is more than that, as its members are required to make an active commitment to its highest moral ideals. Jomaa examines the word “ummah” in the Qur’an and proposes a new interpretation of the concept.

Political entity

Jomaa’s Theology of Ummah draws upon theology, history, philosophy, and political science to provide a new understanding of what the word “ummah” means. Ummah is generally defined as a group of people united by religion or ethnicity. The concept of ummah is often understood to require active commitment and continuous dedication to the highest moral ideals. Jomaa explores the meaning of the word “ummah” in the Qur’an and offers a new understanding of what ummah means in Muslim communities.

Social unit

The social unit at Ourummah is a collective human community, with common purpose and a shared culture, fed from common sources. As such, it carries important responsibilities, as well as a sense of responsibility. The term ummah encompasses many facets of human society, including religion and way of life. The concept of ummah has been explored by Islamic exegetes throughout history and is relevant to modern political theory.

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