Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022 (August 2022) Complete Details!

Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022 (August 2022) Complete Details!

Keone Pearson took home the 212 Bodybuilding title at the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022 show. He was joined by Akim Williams and Kerrith Bajjo, who each competed at three IFBB Pro League shows last year. The pictures below were taken from the instagram accounts of Iain Vallieree, Akim Williams, and Joseph Mackey. Read on to learn more about the Tampa Pro 2022 competitors and what you can expect.

Keone Pearson won the 212 Bodybuilding title at the Tampa Pro 2022

It was a tough day for the competitors as only one athlete was able to qualify for the Olympia Weekend, and in the end Keone Pearson won the competition. The 212 bodybuilding title will allow Pearson to compete for the 212 Olympia title. Pearson’s physique is quite impressive, and he has feathered quads to go along with his muscular arms.

The event is being held in Tampa, FL on August 4-6, 2022, and has drawn many of the world’s best pro athletes. The competition is for the opportunity to qualify for the 2022 Olympia Weekend and other events, including the Pro League, NPC Championships, and NPC Championships. Moreover, the competition is open to Masters, and many of the competitors have stunning physiques.

The 2022 Tampa Pro was held in Florida on August 4 and 5, featuring ten bodybuilding divisions. The winners will get an invitation to the Mr. Olympia competition in December. The entries for the Tampa Pro were open between 13 September 2021 and 20 November 2022. This year’s show was the first for the new division of 212 Bodybuilding, and Keone Pearson claimed it.

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Akim Williams won the Women’s Physique division

Akim Williams, the 2016 Tampa Pro winner, is making her return to the show after being injured in the offseason. Having placed ninth in the Men’s Open, Williams is looking to qualify for the Mr. Olympia in December. Akim’s win at Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022 guarantees her a trip to the Mr. Olympia, and it will mark her second title.

The competition was held at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa, FL and featured 10 divisions – 212 Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, and Wellness. Williams took home the title in the Women’s Physique division. The IFBB Pro League Tampa Pro is a top-tier bodybuilding show, with a strong focus on fitness and wellness.

Keone Pearson won the Classic Physique division at Tampa Pro 2022 and placed 14th in the Men’s 212 class at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. The Tampa Pro was a great venue for Akim, as he was able to show off his feathered quads and an impressive overall body. The event also featured top-ranked competitors in the Men’s Open division. Akim Williams, Daniel Ammons, and Courage Opara each won titles at Tampa Pro 2022.

In the Men’s Physique division, Akim Williams defeated Kamal Elgargni. While most bodybuilding stars predicted Akim to win Tampa Pro, Kamal proved he is still a worthy opponent. He has confirmed his participation in the 2022 Texas Pro and 212 Olympia. So, what can Akim do to claim the title of Mr. Olympia?

Kerrith Bajjo competed at three IFBB Pro League shows last year

The 2021 Tampa Pro Weekend featured the best NPC/Pro League athletes and was a showcase for bodybuilding competitions. Kerrith Bajjo took first place in the 212 Division to qualify for the 2021 Olympia Weekend. Kerrith also competed in the IFBB Pro League events last year and won one. Read on for an update on Kerrith’s impressive fitness career.

In her first professional bodybuilding competition, Kerrith Bajjo placed third in the New York Pro. He was followed by Akim Williams, Milan Sadek, Jonathan DeLaRosa, and Justin Rodriguez. In the 212 division, Kerrith Bajjo finished third, while Dennis James, Jason Arntz, and Big Bill Wilmore took fourth and fifth place, respectively.

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Kamal Elgargni will compete in the 212 division at the Tampa Pro 2022

After winning the 212 Olympia in 2019, Kamal Elgargni will now be competing in the Open division at the 2022 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding show. Elgargni won the 212 Olympia in 2019, where he beat Shaun Clarida and Derek Lunsford. However, he was beaten again in the 2021 Mr. Olympia competition and lost his redemption to Clarida. Elgargni’s move to the Open class is the result of his recent announcements and his upcoming appearances at the Ronnie Coleman Classic and the Texas Pro.

Despite having a difficult background, Elgargni has managed to achieve international recognition in bodybuilding. He is a former Olympia champion and has also partnered with 2021 Arnold Classic Champion Nick Walker. Both have filmed workouts together and are now sharing them with their fans. This partnership has helped them become world renowned. Their collaboration has increased Elgargni’s profile in bodybuilding.

Although Elgargni will compete in the Open division, his past success with 212 means he will automatically qualify for the Olympia. His opponents include Mamdouh Elssbiay, a two-time 212 champion and former Open winner Brandon Curry. Another seasoned veteran is Hadi Choopan, who is currently the 212 champion. Other emerging stars include Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada.

Kerrith Bajjo won the Women’s Physique division at the Tampa Pro 2022

The Women’s Fitness division of the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022 featured some very strong competitors. Kerrith Bajjo took the win and has now moved on to compete in the Olympia Weekend. She is expected to be a top contender at the 212 Olympia. Keone is also a strong contender for the 212 Olympia. Bajjo fought hard to win the title, and Nathan Epler also put on a good body, but both men needed more.

The Tampa Pro will feature more than 200 IFBB Pro League athletes and nine division champions. All divisions are represented at the Tampa Pro, with the exception of the men’s wheelchair division. Only the top three finishers in that division will advance to the Olympia. This ensures that the top three finishers from each division will advance. However, it is important to note that competitors who win a division in the Tampa Pro do not necessarily advance to the Olympia.

Keone Pearson was another top finisher in the Tampa Pro. He took home the title in the 212-pound division. He will compete against Jessica Reyes Padilla and Danielle Rose, who both won the Tampa Pro last year. The Tampa Pro 2022 was Bajjo’s third IFBB pro show and will likely be a good test for her in the Olympia.

Kerrith Bajjo won the Men’s Wheelchair division at the Tampa Pro 2022

The Tampa Pro features more than 200 IFBB Pro League competitors and nine division champions. All of the champions will qualify to compete at the Olympia, except the men’s wheelchair division. Only the top three finishers in that division will be invited to the Olympia. The top three in each division are invited, but competitors aren’t guaranteed to be invited if they win a show.

The Tampa Pro Bodybuilding 2022 is set for Aug. 6 in Tampa, Florida. This will be the biggest bodybuilding event of the year. There will be contests in 10 of the 11 IFBB Pro League divisions, which will determine qualifiers for the 2022 Olympia Weekend, scheduled for Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas. It will also feature a Men’s Wheelchair division and a Men’s Pro League Men’s Wheelchair division.

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