Four Reasons Why Fans Should Be Excited About Jason Heyward’s Future (August 2022) Details About Chicago Cubs!

Four Reasons Why Fans Should Be Excited About Jason Heyward's Future (August 2022) Details About Chicago Cubs!

This article will discuss the ups and downs of Jason Heyward’s career with the Chicago Cubs. Regardless of his ups and downs, he is still a valuable outfielder and leader. Listed below are some reasons why fans should be thrilled about Heyward’s future. You can’t help but be inspired by his accomplishments, even though the Cubs are no longer in the playoff picture.

Jason Heyward’s career with the Chicago Cubs has had its ups and downs

Like any other major league player, Jason Heyward’s career has its ups and downs. The Cubs’ third baseman was on the disabled list on May 8, 2017 after suffering a sprained finger in a game against the Yankees. In late June, Heyward suffered a laceration on his left hand, resulting in a series of games missed. Despite being sidelined for several months, Heyward’s statistics improved, including an increase in his OBP, SLG, and total bases. He finished third on the team in batting average, with 29 RBIs and 84 runs batted in. However, he was placed on the disabled list again on July 1 due to his hand injury.

After coming to Chicago, Heyward improved slightly, but he struggled to get back to his prior form. Although his BABIP increased, his hard-hit rate dropped and he ended up with an OPS of.631. His 1.6 fWAR is not impressive, but it is an improvement compared to previous years. Despite his ups and downs, Heyward remains a valuable asset for the Cubs.

As an impact player, Heyward’s career has been a mixed bag. He’s a controversial player and still has a $80 million contract, but that didn’t make his impact any less. Despite the ups and downs, he’s still worth a lot of money. His career produced 62 home runs and 8.9 bWAR, and he ate up nearly $22 million per season.

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He is a great leader

As a 12-year veteran of the big leagues, Jason Heyward brings a sense of calm and leadership to the team. He is well-respected in the community, has donated to Chicago charities, and is an inspiration for young players. He’s also been vocal about racial inequality, and helped to bring the Cubs three straight wins before the trade deadline. He’s also been a strong voice in the clubhouse, building positive relationships with teammates alike.

Although his numbers dropped after moving to Chicago, Heyward still contributed to the team. In 2021, he hit a career-low.627 OPS in 104 games. Moreover, his slugging percentage and on-base percentage were below average. The Cubs couldn’t afford to keep Heyward in the lineup with four-A hitters, but he continued to provide valuable leadership and motivation.

Despite his lack of superstar power and the fact that he’s still young, Heyward’s leadership has helped the team win more championships than any other franchise. While he may not hit 30-home runs, he may never become the most feared bat on the North Side. Nevertheless, he’s good at everything on the diamond, but he takes special pride in his work in the outfield.

The Cubs are in desperate need of a veteran catcher to step up and take the reigns. Heyward filled the gap left by David Ross’ retirement and the free agency of Dexter Fowler. He’s often the focal point of team meetings when things don’t go as expected. A rain delay during the World Series gave him the opportunity to make the team’s most admired speech. The Cubs are ready for Heyward’s leadership, but he acted out of character during the Reds’ last game.

He is a great professional

The Washington Nationals have signed Kyle Schwarber to a one-year deal. Currently, Juan Soto is playing right field. Andrew Stevenson is a serviceable fourth outfielder with questionable arm and defense. Jason Heyward may fill that void if Schwarber struggles. If so, the Cubs should consider trading Heyward. It would be a mistake to ignore Heyward. Here are four reasons why.

– Hitting: While Heyward is a good professional, his offense has been mediocre in his first season with the Cubs. Before signing with the Cubs, Heyward was a good but not outstanding hitter. His.784 OPS from 2010-2015 ranked 79th among qualified hitters. That puts him in the same OPS range as Todd Frazier. Overall, his numbers are below replacement level.

– Hard contact: Despite being a great professional, Heyward struggles with making hard contact with the ball. Heyward had the lowest groundball rate of his career and the lowest hard-hit rate of any player. His hard-hit rate was only 40%. The other two metrics are a bit confusing, but they point to a general trend: Heyward’s hard-hit rate was consistently below 40 percent.

– Personality: Like any great professional, Heyward embodies the ideals of a great person both on and off the field. During his time with the Cubs, Heyward has developed as more than just a star on the field. In the wake of the George Floyd murder, he stood up for racial injustice and has gotten involved in several local charities and organizations. He has also been a great role model for younger players in his hometown.

He could return to the Cubs

While it’s still unclear how soon Jason Heyward could return to the Cubs, the first baseman has been cleared to play again. The COVID-19 virus has kept Heyward off the field since May 17 and he has not played since. The Cubs have not provided an exact timeline for Heyward’s return, but it is likely to be soon. Heyward was recently moved from right field to center field to make room for Seiya Suzuki. Despite his move to center field, he has struggled to hit, with no home runs and just four RBIs in 72 at-bats.

The former Cubs slugger has been in communication with the team’s general manager for the past month. He wanted to give the outfielder some time to find another team, but Heyward has made it clear he is not ready to retire yet. While he could find another team, the Cubs have made it clear they are interested in bringing Heyward back, whether it be as a coaching assistant or as a member of the front office.

While Heyward has not played since June 24 due to a knee injury, he will likely stay with the team for the rest of the season. The Cubs have made it clear that they are planning to give the youngsters more playing time. However, if Heyward doesn’t play this year, the Cubs may be looking at trading him in the offseason. If Heyward can’t play in Chicago, he may return to free agency.

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He could catch on with another team

The Chicago Cubs are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the third straight season, and Jason Heyward isn’t exactly thrilled about his current situation. While manager Jason Hoyer understands the rationale behind the team’s move, he still thinks Heyward has plenty of playing time to catch on with another team. The former Gold Glove winner has shown plenty of talent throughout his career, and he believes Heyward could make a big impact on a different team.

The Cubs can’t trade Heyward right now, as waiver trades are no longer possible. Any team claiming Heyward will receive the entirety of his contract. If the Cubs release Heyward, another team could try to sign him for the league minimum salary until 2023. After the Cubs pay out the league minimum, he could find a new team in time to catch on for next season.

Another possibility is that the Cubs’ desire to keep Heyward as a reserve for the rest of the season could lead to a trade. After all, Heyward is a valuable asset for the team. The Cubs won the World Series last year with him in the middle of the lineup. And he has proven to be a good teammate and leader. The Cubs’ move of Heyward will ensure that the younger players receive playing time.

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