The Importance of Raksha Bandhan (August 2022) What is its History? How Hindus celebrate this Festival?

The Importance of Raksha Bandhan (August 2022) What is its History? How Hindus celebrate this Festival?

In South Asia, the Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated with a Rakhi. This Hindu rite is centered around a festival of the same name. The importance of this festival is a popular topic of discussion, as the festival is observed by Hindus all over the world. What is the meaning of Raksha Bandhan and why is it celebrated on a particular date? Let’s find out.


The meaning behind the Rakhi festival is deeply rooted in Hindu tradition. Rakhi means protection and bandhan means tie. It is believed that Rakhis have been used throughout history to protect families and strengthen kingdoms. In fact, the first recorded Rakhi story is from 326 BC, when Alexander the Great was about to invade the Indian subcontinent. As a sign of protection, Alexander’s wife tied a Rakhi to King Porus’ wrist.

Today, many Indians are moving abroad. They miss their families and friends on Raksha Bandhan. However, they can compensate for their absence by buying Rakhi online or purchasing a gift for their sisters. Here are some gifts for sisters on Raksha Bandhan. Read on to find out more. Once you’ve decided what to get, you’ll be glad you did! Here’s a look at the best ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

The festival was originally a celebration to celebrate the victory of a brother in war. It has evolved over time to reflect the protective instinct between siblings. Both sisters and brothers will pray for the happiness of their siblings and vow to protect each other throughout their lives. But as the centuries have passed, the festival has taken on various meanings. The most popular of these is the celebration of brotherhood and sisterhood. The festival dates back to ancient India and is one of the biggest festivals in the country.

The word Rakhi comes from two words. The word raksha means protection and bandhan signifies the verb to tie. The Rakhi festival celebrates brother-sister love and the eternal bond between siblings. Hindus in northern and western India celebrate this festival. But it is also celebrated by members of the Jain community, who revere the festival and offer ceremonial threads to their devotees.

Raksha Bandhan

Known as the Hindu New Year, the Raksha Bandhan festival is a central Hindu rite. It is celebrated in South Asia and many other countries around the world. The festival’s central idea is the bond between brothers and sisters. As a sign of friendship, the Raksha Bandhan gift is exchanged between brothers and sisters. But what is the significance of the Raksha Bandhan gift?

In India, Raksha Bandhan has special meaning for married women. This custom stems from territorial exogamy, a practice where the bride’s parents do not visit her home after marriage. In rural north India, this practice is still widespread. Large numbers of married Hindu women travel back to their homes for Raksha Bandhan every year, escorted by their brothers. They exchange gifts, pray, and spend the day together.

While a Raksha Bandhan gift is a symbol of a strong brother-sister bond, the festival is also an opportunity for people to explore different cultures and learn about their heritage. For example, you might learn more about the culture of India by learning more about Raksha Bandhan. You’ll be more likely to recognize the Raksha Bandhan gift that symbolizes the bond between brothers and sisters.

Hindus celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival during the last full moon of Shravan, which falls on August 11. It’s a public holiday in most parts of India. The Rakhi festival ritual involves a sister tying a rakhi around her brother’s wrist. She then offers her brother a gift to commemorate the bond. They also exchange sweets and gifts. For more information, visit the Hindu Raksha Bandhan website.


The tradition of tying a rakhi, a sacred thread, is an important part of the Raksha Bandhan festival. The brother presents the rakhi to his sister, vowing to protect her and look after her. The two often feed each other sweets. Rakhi is not only tied to blood brothers, but to any male. In some areas, brothers will accompany their sister back to their homes to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

There are a variety of origin stories for the festival, but the most popular one involves Lord Krishna and his wife Draupadi. According to this story, the bond between the two began when Draupadi tied a sari around Lord Krishna’s finger and promised to protect him forever. The tradition evolved into the Raksha Bandhan festival, where sisters tie a rakhi on the wrist of their brother to honor the relationship.

While the festival is celebrated for many reasons, the importance of the Rakhi is clear. The thread is a symbol of a brother’s love and care for a sister. Brothers also give their sisters special dishes and gifts on this day. In many cultures, the Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples. It’s a great time to celebrate a brother’s love for his sister!

In 326 BCE, Alexander the Great invaded India, and his wife Roxana, an Indian, sent him a sacred thread. In return, the Indian King refused to kill him. Alexander defeated the Greeks in the Battle of the Hydaspes and the Indian King Porus was rewarded by making him governor of part of his kingdom. In turn, the rakhi was sent from Roxana to the King of India, who admired the sacred thread and refused to kill it.


Whether you are planning to throw a Raksha Bandhan party for your friends or to celebrate this festival with your family, you should know the dates of this Hindu religious festival. The festival is celebrated every year on the full moon of Sharvan, which usually falls in the months of July and August. Therefore, in 2021, the date of the festival will be on a Monday. There are many other dates of Raksha Bandhan, but these are the most common ones.

The festival is a day to celebrate the sacred relationship between sisters and brothers. Rakhi is a knot tied between sisters and brothers. The two share a bond of love and devotion. This festival is considered auspicious and also associated with gift-giving. To mark the significance of Raksha Bandhan, the full moon of the Shravan month will be celebrated on August 11.

The festival originated from the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Indra’s wife, Draupadi, worried that her husband would not return, tying a sacred thread to his wrist. This tradition was later changed to celebrate the brother-sister bond. Today, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on August 12th, and the dates of this Hindu festival vary. To make it even more special, you can perform the Rakhi ceremony during the day before Sawan Purnima or Pradhosh.

In 2018, the dates of the Raksha Bandhan festival are August 11 and 12. It is an ancient Hindu festival that celebrates the relationship between a brother and a sister. The tradition of Raksha Bandhan is now celebrated as a public holiday in many states in India, including Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, Rakhi is also a symbol of protection and duty and is widely celebrated by people of other ethnic groups, not just siblings.


Raksha Bandhan is an important Hindu festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. The festival commemorates the duty a sister has to her brother, and is an opportunity for sisters to show their appreciation by tying a Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. The Rakhi symbolizes devotion and protection, as well as the universal brotherhood and sisterhood. Rakhis are symbols of sisterly love, and are considered sacred in India.

During the festival, brothers and sisters give flowers to their sisters and vice versa. In India, they give flowers to the women in their lives. In Gujarat, the Raksha Bandhan festival is known as Pavitropana, and people offer water to the shivlingam in the temples nearby. Traditionally, the flowers represent the family bond. In Tamil Nadu and Bengal, people offer flowers to Lord Krishna or Radha Rani. For everyone, Raksha Bandhan is a time to give thanks for a brother or sister.

Initially, Rakhi was a religious and spiritual festival. Brothers and sisters used to tie amulets on each other’s wrists, made of cotton or silk. In the Bhavishya Purana, Krishna describes the festival and the rituals involved. The purpose of this festival is to promote a harmonious lifestyle and to unite brothers and sisters. The celebration of Raksha Bandhan has deep religious roots and traces its origins to the ancient Indian tradition.

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival which celebrates filial responsibility. The festival honors a brother and sister’s relationship by reinforcing a bond of love and protection. A brother’s Rakhi is a silken thread tied around his sister’s wrist. The sister’s sister also receives a Rakhi from her brother. The Rakhi symbolizes protection and unity between the two.

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