Cristin Coleman Obituary (August 2022) Complete Details!

In this article, you’ll find a full Cristin Coleman Obituary, including the cause of death and details about her marriage to former Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum. You’ll also discover more about the life of this longtime educator and school principal. The following is a list of some of her notable accomplishments. To learn more about her, read on. The Cristin Coleman Obituary also offers information about her service.

Cristin Coleman was married to former Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum

Sadly, Cristin Coleman, the beloved wife of former Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, has passed away from breast cancer. Coleman, who worked as a principal at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame, was 38 years old. She was also a beloved educator, and her death has been a huge loss for the San Francisco Giants. On Twitter, the team expressed their sorrow over Coleman’s passing.

While her husband was a three-time World Series champion, he and Coleman were not close until the end of their marriage. During the Giants’ 2012 World Series reunion, Lincecum was an absentee. It was unclear if the two had been in touch before the tragic events. They were both in attendance for the 2012 parade, though. Lincecum and Coleman were known to each other, but it is unclear whether they had ever spoken in public.

Coleman was married to Lincecum, a former World Series champion and two-time Cy Young Award winner for his efforts. Although he remained quiet for some time, he was not far behind in his career. He was a four-time All-Star and won three World Series with the Giants. In addition, he accompanied Lincecum during the team’s 2012 World Series victory parade.

She died of breast cancer

The late Cristin Coleman was the wife of former San Francisco Giants pitching ace Tim Lincecum, who died of breast cancer in June. In addition to being a beloved teacher and administrator, Coleman also worked as an administrator and a principal at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame, California. The school district shared a photo of Principal Coleman in front of a streamer of paper cranes.

Tim Lincecum’s wife, Cristin Coleman, was the mother of his two daughters. They lived near the Seals Stadium in the Mission/Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Francisco. Cristin Coleman had breast cancer and passed away peacefully at home on June 27, 2022. A letter written by her husband, Randy Coleman, and his wife, Sue, was published in The San Mateo Daily Journal on August 12, 2022. The Giants also paid tribute to her husband and daughter.

The two had been married for almost six years. They met while she was teaching at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame. They were married in 2005. Their son, Austin, died of cancer shortly after their marriage. Cristin’s father Randy Coleman also passed away of breast cancer in 2006. The couple had a child together and they were very close, and they loved each other dearly. Tim Lincecum’s family was heartbroken upon learning of Cristin’s death.

She was a longtime educator

Cristin Coleman, a former teacher and assistant principal in Burlingame, passed away peacefully last week after a battle with cancer. She was married to Shana Daum, a San Francisco Giants executive and senior vice president of communications. While she was a dedicated educator, Coleman’s passion for her profession was also evident in her family’s grief. After Coleman’s death, her family will be planning a memorial celebration for her.

The Giants are sending their condolences to the family and friends of the long-time educator. Cristin Coleman’s husband, Tim Lincecum, also a former San Francisco Giant pitcher, shared his condolences on Twitter. The team also extended their sympathy to her friends, family, and students. Coleman taught at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame. She died on June 27, surrounded by her family.

Although Tim Lincecum has mostly remained out of the public eye since retiring from baseball, his wife Cristin Coleman has stayed visible. Together, the couple was a beloved figure at Burlingame Elementary School. They were married recently and rode in the World Series parade together. Her passing was a shock to the baseball world. A former teacher of Lincecum’s at Burlingame Elementary School, Cristin was a beloved educator.

She was a principal

The Washington Elementary School District is planning a celebration of Cristin Coleman’s life to honor her memory. The late principal, who had a keen intelligence and compassionate heart, dedicated herself to helping others. She was a caring person and faced her cancer diagnosis head-on. Her deep commitment to her students, colleagues and family was evident in her response to the diagnosis. Simran Kumar, her husband, provided her with support and counseling, and they are working together to plan the memorial service.

In June, we learned that Cristin Coleman, the wife of Tim Lincecum, passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. Her wife was also a beloved educator, serving as principal of Washington Elementary School in Burlingame, California. While we did not know about her close relationship with Lincecum until she passed away this past June, the Giants expressed their condolences to her family and friends. In June, the Giants released a statement expressing their condolences to the Coleman family and to Tim’s family.

Tim Lincecum, whose name is Tim, lived in the Mission/Cow Hollow district near Seals Stadium. The Giants pitcher was close to Coleman. In addition, Lincecum, a beloved Giant pitcher, rode with the Colemans in the 2012 World Series parade. Both were cherished by the community. However, the tragic death of Coleman leaves us with questions. And what about the two women who shared a similar background?

She was intelligent

Randy and Sue Coleman are grieving the loss of their daughter. Cristin was intelligent, kind, compassionate, and always eager to help others. She was a bright light in our lives. Despite the loss, her ‘lightness of being’ and kindheartedness will live on in our hearts. In tribute to Cristin, the school district shared a picture of her standing in front of the school when she was alive.

She was compassionate

Former school principal and teacher Cristin Coleman left a lasting legacy of kindness and compassion. She was a beloved educator and principal in the Bay Area. Her death has been a loss for many. In addition to her love for children, she had a deep devotion to her students, family and colleagues. Her death was a tragic blow to the entire school community, which continues to celebrate her life. Here are some tributes to Cristin.

The late Cristin Coleman was a beloved teacher and wife of Tim Lincecum. She passed away on June 27 from cancer. Her death was first reported by the San Mateo Daily Journal, and the Giants extended their condolences to the Lincecum family. Her family and colleagues paid tribute to her by sharing their condolences on Twitter. She was 38 years old and worked at Washington Elementary School in Burlingame. In a statement released by the school district, her parents praised her compassion and her love for children.

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