Studynana. com (August 2022) Accessibility of Website, Site Authenticity, Highlights and much more!

Studynana. com (August 2022) Accessibility of Website, Site Authenticity, Highlights and much more!

Here on Studynana. com we have illuminated our perusers about the authenticity and element of this site.
Have you at any point done any internet based courses and projects? Youth is looking for online courses on the grounds that web-based mode saves time, and you can rapidly learn quicker than disconnected classes. A site in India is getting famous among youth as it professes to give understudies the executives courses and business programs.

Studynana. com is generally looked through on the web nowadays. Allow us to illuminate you with significant inquiries like its authenticity and the way that this site capabilities. Sympathetically read this post to learn more insights regarding this site.

A review will tell you whether this site is trustworthy. We will discuss the trust index, the credibility of the site, and its accessibility on social media. Then we will examine how Studynana is accessible and how easily it can be found. After we finish our review, we will offer some tips for finding an alternative course provider. This will also help you find out if Studynana is right for you.

Accessibility of site on social media platforms

There are many ways to improve the accessibility of a website or page. One of the most obvious ways is to provide alternate text descriptions on images, as these are read to low and non-sighted users. Video content should also be captioned. You can also add alt-text for images by adding a URL to the caption. There are many social media platforms that support accessibility, but you may have to use different techniques.

Social media platforms are aimed at a broad audience and typically reach people with disabilities. Because of their limitations, no social media platform is 100 percent accessible. Nevertheless, there are some tips that you can implement to make your social media posts more accessible. For example, captions should be provided with dialogue, important background sounds, and speaker identification. They should not exceed three lines on the screen and have a default size of 22 pt. The last caption frame should be removed when the video contains long, silent intervals.

In addition, images on social media should have alternative text descriptions that describe them using text. This is so screen readers can access the content. Instagram users can learn more about alt text. Images with a low contrast ratio can be difficult to read. Ensure the contrast ratio of images is 4.5 or higher for users with low vision. You can check this by using the TPGI colour contrast checker. And don’t forget to add a contact link to your website, so that people can reach you if there’s a problem.

In addition to providing alternative contact methods, social media pages should also include information about their accessibility. These details can help users find solutions for any issues on the platform. Additionally, users should be able to easily access content from other channels, including email recaps. To help users with accessibility issues, many social media platforms offer help hotlines. By providing contact information, your website can easily improve its accessibility and ensure that content is accessible to everyone.

Adding alt text to images can make the content accessible to visually-impaired users. In addition, video captioning can be useful for people with low vision. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the Democratic Party, popularized this practice. With two million Instagram followers, her advocacy for accessibility became an important topic in the world of social media. You don’t need to be a celebrity to be accessible.

Another way to improve accessibility is to use alternative text in images. These text descriptions are helpful for those who cannot see images. Missing alt text is one of the biggest issues with web accessibility. Several social media platforms use object recognition technology to provide automatic alt text. However, this method has limits. For this reason, you can use custom alt text on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Additionally, Hootsuite and Facebook allow users to add descriptive captions.


As indicated by this site, it guarantees its clients to give the best administration courses and business MBA Programs to understudies as their future relies upon the schooling they get from any stage. This site additionally assists with giving you admission to University College London. The Studynama site gives notes and review material to up to ninth class understudies. Due to their comparative names, individuals got confounded between the Studynama site and Studynana. com site.

According to its website, Studynana offers online programs and courses, but does not appear on any social media platform. Its Https URL and lack of social media presence make it difficult to trust the website. While its website claims to have high-quality educational materials, it fails to live up to these claims. Despite the promise of quality education, Studynana isn’t recommended. Its illegitimate reputation is a red flag for consumers.

Despite its e-learning offerings, Studynana is an online education site with a burgeoning audience. While Stadinama is a site for understudies through ninth grade, Studynana focuses on courses, online projects, and more. Students can hone their English, math, and other essential education skills through its online courses and resources. Its web-based mode is also time-saving.

Is the Studynana site Authentic?

This site isn’t on any web-based entertainment stage. Studynana professes to give online courses and projects. We should figure out a few fundamental insights concerning this site’s authenticity.

  • Recorder: Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd
  • Site enlistment: This site enrolled on August 15, 2022
  • Trust Index: The trust file of this site is 1% which is exceptionally poor.
  • Missing data: This webpage is absent from the web-based stage.
  • Information security: This site gives a Https connect to the clients’ information security.

As indicated by the data gave over, this site doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be reliable. Thus, utilizing it is full of risk.


This site’s showcase is separated into three areas one is for Management courses, second is for University College London, and the third is for Business MBA Programs. At the point when one ticks on any of the segments, this site opens up with another connection that doesn’t appear to be applicable to us.

This site isn’t accessible via web-based entertainment. Thus we rigorously caution our perusers to actually take a look at two times prior to making any installment.

Might we at any point depend on Studynana site

The About part of the authority site is missing, and other significant data like email and telephone number for any questions are absent. Everything are bringing up issues on its authenticity. The trust file of Studynana. com is extremely poor. We don’t prescribe anybody to depend on this site. This site might trick you in future.


Wrapping up this review we have illuminated our perusers about this site’s authenticity. We have likewise given the fundamental insights concerning this site which assist our perusers with knowing its elements. This site is conniving and most likely a misrepresentation site, don’t fall in its snare.

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