Why Lambrook School is an Extra Safe Choice For Cambridge Children (August 2022) Know The Latest Details!

Lambrook School

For parents looking for a school close to the capital, there are several reasons to choose Lambrook School for their children. It is a flexi-boarding and weekly boarding option for boys and girls, has its own rugby, cricket and football grounds, and boasts a 100% pass rate on the Common Entrance examination. Moreover, there are plenty of extracurricular activities that your child can enjoy.

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Lambrook School offers weekly and flexi-boarding for boys and girls

After being founded in 1860, Lambrook School has undergone significant development. Today, its campus is a blend of historic architecture and modern facilities, which have had a positive impact on the school and the wider community. It has undertaken ambitious building projects and increased the number of bursaries it offers to support its students’ academic pursuits. For its part, Lambrook is committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities to its pupils.

The school has a long tradition of fostering community engagement through sports and activities. In addition to regular sports, the school also features a nine-hole golf course and a dance studio. It has a reputation for fostering community spirit, allowing children to develop their skills while building their confidence. Children can also take part in a variety of extracurricular activities, including ballet and touch rugby.

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Boarding is available at Lambrook School for boys and girls. Up to 75% of Prep School pupils stay at the school for the first time. Flexi-boarding is another option available for many families. All boarding pupils are part of a close-knit community, enjoying activities both inside and out. Guests can attend the school on weekends and holiday breaks. Regardless of the boarding arrangements, all boarding students enjoy the home-like atmosphere at Lambrook.

The weekly boarding option is the most popular option nowadays. It allows students to return home over the weekend and spend more time with their families. Parents enjoy the flexibility of weekly boarding because they can spend time with their children, while the weekends are free of homework and late night pick-ups. Flexi-boarding also caters for extracurricular activities. It also has a breakfast club and after-school clubs for all year groups.

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It has its own cricket, football and rugby grounds

The eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince George, recently attended a trial day at the prestigious private school in Berkshire. Rumors have it that he will soon transfer to Lambrook School. The school is situated in 52 acres of idyllic countryside and accepts children aged three to 13. The prince will likely be joined by Princess Charlotte and their son, Prince Louis.

The school offers numerous sports facilities to all pupils, from the polo pitch to the golf course. It has its own cricket, football and rugby grounds, as well as tennis courts and hard courts. There are also facilities for art, music and languages. For extracurricular activities, Lambrook School runs a variety of clubs. The school offers clubs in judo, scuba diving, and Mini MasterChef.

The school has been around since 1860, when Queen Victoria parked her carriage near the new Queen’s building. The Good Schools Guide calls Lambrook a traditional prep school and highlights the huge grounds that allow students to explore their surroundings. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are set to start attending the school in September 2022. If you want to visit this prestigious school, you should check out the upcoming royal arrivals.

While the prince and Duchess are moving to Windsor this summer, their children will be attending a local boarding school. The couple have decided to move to Windsor after Queen Elizabeth II announced she would be moving there permanently. Adelaide Cottage, which was the Queen’s weekend home, is close to Windsor Castle. They also plan to send their children to Lambrook School, which is just seven miles away from the royal residence.

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It has a 100% pass rate for the Common Entrance exam

Since its founding in 1860, Lambrook School has grown and evolved, combining the character of old buildings with the latest facilities. These developments have reshaped the school and its community. The school has expanded its educational opportunities, embarked on exciting new building projects and provided more bursaries for pupils. In addition to its academic excellence, Lambrook is known for its outstanding teachers and support staff.

Students are accepted to the day and boarding programs at Lambrook School. The school’s high academic standards have resulted in a 100% pass rate for the Common Entrance examination. The school also offers scholarships for various achievements. The success of students in the Common Entrance exam is a testament to the school’s excellent academic standards. The school’s success rate has led to its students being accepted into some of the best private secondary schools in the UK.

The school’s admission ratio is very high, with 1:20 being the ratio for fifth graders. The school aims to develop “full wings” in its students, which translates to mature, confident, and considerate individuals. Students can even attend enrichment activities, such as a visit to a nearby farm. The school also holds annual plays and musicals.

Lambrook School is a popular prep school for children from affluent families in Berkshire. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will attend next term. Located close to the Cambridges’ new home in Adelaide Cottage, Lambrook offers a large campus and an outdoor cricket pitch and nine-hole golf course. The royal couple’s children also attend Wilcocks Nursery School in South Kensington.

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It offers a variety of extracurricular activities

The Cambridge children are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular activities that they find interesting. The school has a very outdoor culture. Children are encouraged to wear wellies and waterproof all-in-ones and explore the school’s 52 acres of grounds. Students are also required to fundraise for their annual school trip. The headteacher is one of a kind and is committed to ensuring that the children have an active and grounded childhood.

Besides a rigorous academic curriculum, the school is also known for its extracurricular activities, including a sports club and a dance school. The children of the Cambridge royals will be able to participate in a number of different clubs and extracurricular activities, which makes the school a popular choice among families. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Louis are expected to attend the school this fall. The princes have already confirmed that they will enroll their children at the school, which is expected to cost around PS17,556 per year.

In addition to sports, the school’s extracurricular activities include beekeeping, swimming, fencing, and public speaking. The school also has a scuba diving club. The school is committed to giving its children as many opportunities as possible. The Cambridge children will be able to explore their passions and learn more about their community. Lambrook School is proud of its outstanding academic results and has a bursary program to help families afford the school.

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The school’s diverse curriculum includes classes in English, science, maths, French, Greek, and Latin, as well as an eclectic range of extracurricular activities. In addition to sports, the Cambridge children can explore the school’s bee farm, learn to make jam sandwiches, and even take up Latin lessons. A great reputation in the local community makes the school a popular choice among families.

The Cambridge family will move to a new home next September and will enroll their children at the school in the area. William and Catherine are not the first royals to attend the school. In fact, Queen Victoria watched her grandsons play games at the school. The children will attend Lambrook School, a co-educational school in Berkshire. The Cambridge children will also have opportunities to participate in sports and join a variety of clubs. Although Prince Louis and his older siblings have already attended the school, the princes are likely to move there in the future.

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