Keppel Shipyard Tuas (August 2022) Shocking Details!

Keppel Shipyard Tuas (August 2022) Shocking Details!

This article gives every one of the subtleties on the truly awful calamity that happened at Keppel Shipyard Tuas.

Keppel Shipyard is located in the state of Singapore. This shipyard is known for its high-quality ships. However, a recent shipyard accident has killed two workers. The men, believed to be in their 30s, were killed on the spot. A third worker, who was not part of the accident, was rescued from the wreckage by emergency services. If you’re planning to visit Keppel Shipyard in Singapore, you should know the background of this yard.

Did you find out about the horrible occasion that occurred at Keppel Shipyard? As per sources, this terrible mishap killed two people. Individuals of Singapore were alarmed by this misfortune since it was so terrible. The service is investigating the episode and has advised Keppel Shipyard Tuas to stop all work including the vessel’s designs.

Our perusers will study this heartbreaking event of a youth from this post on Keppel Shipyard Tuas. To dive more deeply into it, mercifully read this post.

What Happens In Keppel Shipyard?

Two representatives died in late disaster at a shipyard show to Singapore’s Keppel Corp. The two Bangladeshi men, ages 30 and 42, are accepted to have passed on at the scene subsequent to tumbling from a boat dockyard at a Tuas shipyard.

As per Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, In this Keppel Shipyard Accident, they were one of three people working on platforms on the boat when the construction fell. The service detailed that the third representative, a 25-year-old Bangladeshi, could cling to the structure and was saved by the shipyard’s crisis reaction group.

The person in question, who was 42, supposedly worked for Keppel Port, though the other two people were utilized for Veekee Engineering. They were one of three workers developing a platform around a piece of the stopped boat at 51 Pioneer Sector 1.

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Historical background of Keppel Shipyard

The Singapore government has been investing in the Keppel Shipyard Tuas since the year 1968. Prior to the establishment of the yard, the Singapore Harbour Board (SHB) was responsible for the port and dock operations. However, the SHB considered cargo handling to be a subsidiary activity, thus it neglected to modernise the yard and make it competitive. This situation resulted in a decline of the yard’s reputation.

During this time, Singapore’s economy was still quite poor, and many young people sought employment as an alternative to school. In fact, many apprentices rose to top positions in various enterprises. Chua Chor Teck was one of these apprentices, rising from an engineering apprentice to become the first local managing director of Keppel Shipyard Tuas within 17 years. In this time, Keppel Shipyard Tuas was becoming a multi-billion-dollar group with wide-ranging interest in the industry.

The first shipyard was established in Singapore in 1868. The name Keppel is a testament to the long maritime history of the country. It is believed that the name dates back more than 100 years, to the days of the British trading hub in Singapore. Keppel Shipyard Tuas is the only shipyard in Singapore that is still owned by the Singapore government. And in fact, Keppel Shipyard Tuas is the oldest shipyard in Singapore.

Location of Keppel Shipyard at Tuas

Keppel Offshore Shipyard is based at the Tuas Yard in Singapore. This yard is a major ship builder that supports energy harvesting. It has over 400 ships under construction and more than 2,000 employees. The company also has global representatives. Currently, Keppel is undergoing a fitting out process for its Prosperity FPSO, which is scheduled to be deployed in the Exxon Mobil-led project in Guyana.

The company said that it values the health and safety of its workers and is cooperating with authorities to conduct thorough investigations. It does not wish to elaborate on the incident at this time. Last year, two Bangladeshi workers were found dead at Keppel Shipyard at Tuas. This incident comes after another incident at the same pier in March. In Singapore, there have been 32 workplace deaths reported this year and another 30 scheduled for 2020.

Located in Singapore, the Keppel Shipyard at Tuas Yard was established in N.A., and serves a variety of vessels including rigs, oil rigs, and passenger ships. In addition to this, Keppel Shipyard is also one of the industry’s trusted partners when it comes to repairing, upgrading, and converting diverse vessels. Its extensive facilities make it an essential stop for ship owners.

In addition to being a major ship repair yard, Keppel Shipyard at Tuas is a specialist yard with over a century of experience. It is the largest repair yard for LNG vessels in Asia, and its extensive infrastructure and dedicated staff includes cargo engineers, workers for cryogenic machinery jobs, instrumentation specialists, and a workforce with experience in instrumentation work. This means that it is well equipped to handle the most demanding vessels.

Safety measures taken by Keppel Shipyard at Tuas

The Keppel Shipyard at Tuas has adopted a comprehensive safety training program that aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of workers and improve their working environment. The program includes broad-based and trade-specific courses. It is one of the key elements of Keppel Shipyard’s Safety Excellence 2015 initiative, which aligns with national Workplace Safety and Health 2018 strategies. It also offers a comprehensive range of first aid and medical facilities onsite.

The incident at the shipyard caused a partial submersion of a crane. The accident is being investigated by MOM and has forced the halt of all pier works. A spokesperson for SCDF confirmed that two workers were taken to the National University Hospital, with one being rescued in a stable condition. The SCDF and Police Coast Guard are on the scene and working with the Keppel Shipyard to ensure worker safety. The Migrant Workers’ Centre also expressed concern over the accident.

Despite the recent occurrence of a deadly Covid virus, the company has taken a number of safety measures. Workers living in nearby workers’ dormitories have been isolated from the public and have their own cabins. The workplace is now on lockdown. Keppel Shipyard at Tuas is one of the companies that specializes in ship repair and conversions. The shipyard is surrounded by heavy industries, a naval base, and other shipyards.

The company’s SEP has been updated to reflect the latest HSE regulations. As a result, the company will have more robust HSE performance monitoring requirements. Additionally, it will have the oversight of an independent E&S consultancy company. As part of its FRSU operational plans, Keppel will create a project-specific HSE bridging plan for the FSRU conversion.

What Are The Investigations Taken By The Government?

In this Keppel Shipyard Accident, Around 10 p.m., the structure out of nowhere fallen, tossing the two laborers and a piece of the framework of the vessel. Before 10.30 p.m., officials answered a request for help and found the couple inertly. As per MOM, the third representative, who is likewise from Bangladesh, had the option to clutch the structure. The shipyard’s reaction group came to his guide and shipped him to Ng Teng Fong Health Center, where he got short term care.

The exact number of deadly working environment mishaps and significant wounds by industry is obscure in light of the fact that the service disguised this information.

Late Updates About The Keppel Shipyard Accident

As indicated by a proclamation from MOM on Tuesday, the 42-year-old laborer’s manager and tenant of the worksite are Keppel Shipyard, a completely claimed Keppel Offshore, and Marine division. Veekee Engineering utilized the other two people.

The MOM is investigating what is going on and has advised Keppel Shipyard to stop any work influencing the vessel’s designs. Police examinations are as yet being directed. There is no sign of bad behavior. Keppel Shipyard laborers communicated the organization’s true distress for the sad occasion.


Finally, We have given our perusers data about the Keppel Shipyard Tuas, as well as the latest reports on this misfortune and the upsetting episode, to finish this article on the Keppel Shipyard.

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