Paul Pogba Releases Statement After Brothers’ Alleged Extortion Video (August 2022) Complete Details!

Paul Pogba has released a statement in response to the alleged extortion video of his brothers. It was reported in July that the player and his brothers were targeted by a gang in Turin. The player recognized his brother Mathias among the alleged perpetrators and contacted the club’s attorneys. The club then called the police.

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Paul Pogba’s alleged extortion

French footballer Paul Pogba has been embroiled in an extraordinary saga involving his brother Mathias. Moreover, Kylian Mbappe has also been drawn into the story after he was accused of witchcraft. In this article, Sporting News looks at the main elements of the saga, including the alleged blackmail video released by Mathias Pogba.

According to sources close to the Pogba family, the gang’s main demand was for $13M to keep compromising videos from leaking. Earlier, the French media reported that the alleged gang surrounded Paul Pogba and his brothers with two hooded men carrying assault rifles. Paul Pogba has released a statement to clarify his side of the story.

Paul Pogba’s statement came following his brother Mathias’ video. Mathias published videos in four languages and promised to reveal “great revelations” about Paul. The French footballer says he has reported the case to police.

In a statement released through his lawyers, Paul Pogba alleges that his brothers are blackmailing him. He has filed legal complaints in both France and Italy over the matter. Moreover, the player claims that he has reported the matter to the police, and French authorities have opened an investigation.

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Paul Pogba’s alleged blackmail

In response to the allegations, Paul Pogba, the Manchester United star, has released a statement. He claims he was the victim of extortion and intimidation. The alleged gang followed him to Turin, Paris and Manchester, demanding EUR13 million in return for protecting him.

Pogba’s brother, Mathias, has taken to social media to attack the media and accused his brother of lying to the Italian authorities about the alleged blackmail video. It is unclear what exactly he’s trying to say, but it’s not a surprise. His recent social media statements come on the heels of numerous threats and extortion attempts against his brother. The incident was reported to the French and Italian authorities a month ago, but the authorities have refused to comment because the investigation is ongoing.

The allegations against Paul Pogba stem from a video posted by his brother Mathias. The video has been released in four languages. Mathias had vowed to make great revelations about his brother, so he published the video in four languages. But after his brother released the video, Paul Pogba issued his own statement.

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Paul Pogba’s alleged kidnapping

Following the release of a video of his alleged brothers extorting him for $13M, Manchester United’s star midfielder Paul Pogba has released a statement that is backed by his mother and lawyer. The alleged extortionists were two hooded men with assault rifles who were known to Paul Pogba since childhood.

According to Pogba’s statement, the alleged extortion attempt was staged by his brother Mathias, who threatened to publish “great revelations” about his brother on social media. France television has confirmed the police are investigating the matter and have opened an investigation into the matter.

The allegations of extortion against Paul Pogba have drawn widespread attention. The French soccer star returned to Juventus on a free transfer this summer and is currently sidelined with a knee injury. However, he is expected to return to action in the coming months.

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Paul Pogba’s alleged threats

Paul Pogba has released a statement following the release of a video of his brothers’ alleged extortion. The statement is signed by the players’ lawyer, Rafael Pimenta, his mother, and several family members. The statement details the alleged gang that the players’ father Mathias allegedly belonged to. The gang consists of hooded men with assault rifles who allegedly extort money from players. The players’ lawyers have been investigating the incident and the police are investigating.

After the videos, Paul Pogba has contacted French police. France TV reported that the players’ brother had promised to make big revelations about their father, who has been playing professionally for many years. However, the brothers did not reveal exactly what they would do with the money. Mathias Pogba has not publicly spoken about his father’s extortion plans, but he has promised to make the videos public to draw attention to the situation.

The brothers’ claims are very concerning. The video was released online in multiple languages, including French, Spanish, and Italian. The brothers claim that the video shows their father’s extortion attempts. They demand EUR13m for protecting Paul Pogba for the next 13 years.

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Paul Pogba’s alleged extortion video

French footballer Paul Pogba released a statement following the emergence of an alleged extortion video involving his brother Mathias. In the video, Mathias threatens to release a “great revelation” about his brother on social media. In response, Paul Pogba has filed a complaint with French police. He also says his brother is a “co-conspirator” in the extortion scheme.

A source close to the Pogba family told the AFP news agency that the gang demanded $13 million from Paul Pogba to keep compromising videos from being leaked. Meanwhile, France Info has obtained new details about the investigation. In his statement, Pogba has said he was “temporarily trapped” by two hooded men armed with assault rifles. The gang has been identified as the Paul Pogba Gang.

Mathias Pogba is the older brother of Paul Pogba and is a Guinean international. He has won five caps for his country. The gang is said to have intended to leak details of Paul Pogba’s personal life.

In addition to the video aimed at his brother, French football player Paul Pogba also released a statement, stating that he is “concerned about the safety of his family.” The alleged extortion video shows a group of hooded men following him to Turin, Paris and Juventus’ training center, where they threatened to “trap” the player with assault rifles and demanded EUR13 million to protect him for 13 years.

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