Why Jidion Did Get Banned From Twitch (August 2022) Reason Behind!

Why Jidion Did Get Banned From Twitch (August 2022) Reason Behind!

Why Jidion Did Get Banned from utilizing Twitch? An examination concerning the substance maker’s hazardous streaming profession. Compassionately read our article further.

Do you have any idea what jidion’s identity is and why he is renowned? If indeed, you ought to realize that he has been prohibited from utilizing a web-based entertainment stage Twitch. He is a popular jokester; be that as it may, he has been in the information for certain debates about his explanations. The Worldwide public is angry at a portion of his explanations that demonstrate bigotry, which isn’t right.

The ban came after JiDion tweeted hateful comments about a female player. In response to the ban, he posted a video of himself explaining why his suspension was turned into a permaban. The video went viral and was viewed by millions of people.

JiDion’s sexist comments

JiDion has been criticized for making sexist comments on Pokimane, an anime character. While his comments were not aimed at her gender, his disdain for the character is based on her persona and character design. JiDion has also been accused of orchestrating hate raids on other platforms and inundating social media accounts.

JiDion has since admitted that he deserved to be banned and apologized to Pokimane for his behavior. But some fans say his actions were a hate campaign against women. Although JiDion pleaded guilty to the charges, he isn’t likely to get unbanned for a few days. The Twitch community will be wary of removing his ban, since there are people on the site who claim it helps enable harassment.

JiDion’s actions are a clear example of sexism in the gaming community. After his Twitch stream went live, he began to harass Pokimane. JiDion’s followers have continued harassing Pokimane on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently, JiDion’s sexist comments and actions have not only damaged Pokimane’s reputation, but have also negatively impacted her community.

JiDion’s sexist and racist comments have led to his ban. In fact, he retweeted a video of Pokimane saying the “N-word” in her stream. Then, he noticed that his stream had more viewers than Pokimane’s. JiDion then started a “hate raid” against Pokimane’s chat, which was the first step towards getting him banned from Twitch. However, Pokimane managed to keep her cool and reminded him that he breached Twitch’s terms of service.

JiDion has over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, but he joined Twitch only last year. He was banned on the streaming site after making sexist comments about Pokimane’s fan base. His Twitter account is currently locked, but his friends have rallied around him and he has chosen to ignore all the hate. He has also posted a video of reconciliation with Pokimane. Although his comments got him banned, his fans love JiDion’s resolve to the situation.

JiDion’s sexist remarks were so offensive that he was banned for fourteen days. Later, the ban was extended to a permanent ban. JiDion was banned on Twitch for his sexist comments. During the time of his first ban, Pokimane responded to JiDion’s sexist remarks by calling out his wife and calling his Twitch rep.

After being banned, JiDion also made other criticisms of Twitch. He accused Twitch of being biased toward male creators and soft on female ones. He said Twitch was penalizing male streamers for petty offences, while shaming women for serious policy violations. He also urged viewers to use the hashtag #twitchrespond to express their displeasure on Twitch.

The incident at TwitchCon wasn’t caught on video, but several people who were in the line to meet TommyInnit accused Jidion of harassing fans. Many of the fans had expressed concern about Tommy’s younger audience, so Jidion allegedly made comments like “Everyone in line is a girl” and “all the people in the line are girls.” The sexist comments led to Jidion’s expulsion from the TwitchCon location.

His hate raid on Pokimane

Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer. He has a huge fan base and is known for his energetic, fun, and crazy streams. Recently, he was streaming Valorant when he was targeted by a hate raid. Pokimane tweeted a timeline of the events and screenshots of his Instagram feed.

The hate raid occurred after JiDion, a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer, started spamming Pokimane’s stream and harassing her viewers. The stream ended early, and JiDion was banned indefinitely from Twitch for harassing Pokimane. However, he later apologized to Pokimane and his followers.

JiDion and Pokimane have not yet held a Q&A, but the two have agreed to a meet-up. JiDion and Pokimane discussed the meeting via Discord, and JiDion told the former that he didn’t want any drama. He then gave Pokimane a basket of Dijon mustard. Pokimane had been referring to JiDion as Dijon mustard. Pokimane is said to be upset about the incident, but JiDion’s gesture of goodwill made things a lot better for the meeting.

After the drama was over, Pokimane and JiDion are now collaborating on a new song. However, Pokimane’s fans are still not happy about the outcome of the hate raid. They are not sure what will happen next. The singers have reportedly decided not to take legal action against JiDion for his actions.

After the incident, JiDion’s Twitch account was banned for life. As a result, Pokimane suffered a bout of depression. As a result, she was forced to end her Twitch stream early. Jidion fans also harassed Pokimane’s Twitch viewers.

The streamer’s hate spam triggered a DMCA ban, but the ban did not stop the hate spam. Many users reported JiDion’s hate chat to Pokimane, and she was forced to censor it. The ban has now been lifted.

JiDion has spoken about the ban and the situation with Pokimane publicly. In a recent episode of his Impaulsive Podcast, he opened up about his life. He discussed many major moments in his life and the Twitch ban. JiDion apologized for his actions and apologized to Pokimane. But his fans don’t understand that.

As the hate ban intensified, JiDion took help from a popular Fortnite streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. Ninja offered to help JiDion while he was banned, and he also offered to shorten his ban time. The video of JiDion’s ban has caused a stir among Pokimane’s followers.

His appeal to Twitch to keep his suspension

JiDion has appealed Twitch’s decision to suspend him. He received the suspension due to repeated violations of Twitch’s terms of service and community guidelines. Twitch does not un-suspend accounts based on abuse. In his appeal, JiDion apologized to his fans, promising to act better in the future. However, Twitch has yet to respond to his appeal.

JiDion’s tweet has gained a lot of traction after being shared on Twitter. It has already received over 10,000 retweets and more than 165,000 likes. The tweet also included a direct tag to Twitch support. The tweet also contained a series of demands for Twitch to reconsider its decision to suspend JiDion.

The Twitter response to JiDion’s appeal was largely positive. Many users have praised him, including Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, another Twitch star. However, some have criticized him for his controversial comments on Twitch. Although Pokimane was quick to support JiDion, his wife has since threatened to sue him.

The Reports

One day after the coordinated effort program was sent off, the YouTuber “JiDion” Adams, known for his tricks on the organization, was prohibited from Twitch. The web-based feature, possessed by Amazon, at first suspended the client’s entrance for quite a long time yet later made the suspension super durable because of “Outrageous Harassment.”

Since he was liable for a disdain assault sent off against the Twitch star Pokimane, he was restricted the response to Why Did Jidion Get Banned From Twitch? During the strike, an army of his allies hurried her stream. It filled the visit with phrases planned to put down the Moroccan-Canadian superstar and the stuff she was delivering. Adams apologized for his activities and eventually acknowledged the 14-day suspension gave over to him.

The Events

Jidion’s recordings show that he hates Pokimane, and he’s expressed so. A post-dated January 13 shows he detests Pokimane “personally,” meaning this warrants a disdain chase against her. He urged his devotees to enter “L + proportion” in Poki’s visit while watching her Valorant live.

Why Jidion Did Get Banned?

Jidion encouraged his crowd to follow her when she moved to devotee just mode to spam. She finished the show early, expressing she “can deal with this” yet didn’t maintain that her watchers should be bothered.

The Wimbledon Ban

Jidion went to see Novak Djokovic’s match against Jannik Sinner in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon 2022 in the relatively recent past. Jidion was pulling for Jannik Sinner to dominate the game. Nonetheless, Djokovic figured out how to pull off an unbelievable rebound and end up successful.

Following Sinner’s fruitful safeguard of a point, the crowd praised, and the cameras directed their concentration toward the YouTuber. For what reason Did Jidion Get Banned From Wimbledon-It was seen that Jidion was beating his chest just before an official went into the space to converse with him about it.

Jidion later let his allies know that he had been banished from entering Wimbledon that day.


Jidion keeps on having an enormous following and has made incredible progress on YouTube. Over 1.6 million individuals buy into his different channels, and his essential feed just passed the 5,000,000 supporter limit. Fans might watch the maker’s work on the red stage while trusting he will get back to Twitch from now on.

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