Cissy Houston Dead (September 2022) Her relationship with Robyn Crawford, marriage to Freddie Garland, divorce from Bobby Brown, drug problems!

Cissy Houston Dead (September 2022) Her relationship with Robyn Crawford, marriage to Freddie Garland, divorce from Bobby Brown, drug problems!

This article is about Cissy Houston Dead and the talk spread across. Peruse more on this point.

Would you like to be familiar with Cissy Houston? Is it true or not that you are intrigued to be familiar with her passing? Provided that this is true, focus on this article. The insight about the demise of the amazing vocalist has been the subject of conversation across the United States.

Cissy Houston is one of the most influential and beloved female singers of all time. Her music, her relationship with Robyn Crawford, and the health of her mother are just some of the things we will learn about in this article. If you’re a fan of Cissy Houston, keep reading.

Cissy Houston’s life

Cissy Houston’s life is marked by many milestones. She began singing at the age of five with her family gospel group, the Drinkard Singers, in Newark, New Jersey. She later crossed over to the pop world and recorded several albums, winning two Grammy Awards. Her first win was in the category of Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album, and her second came in the category of Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. She received the honor for her 1998 album, He Leadeth Me.

In addition to her albums, Houston was known for her many recordings and collaborations with many artists. She first recorded “Midnight Train to Georgia,” which went on to become a hit for Gladys Knight and the Pips. She then performed many nightclub concerts and received critical acclaim for her vocals. She also performed on the 20th Anniversary Special of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, collaborating with Patti LaBelle, Tommy Tune, and Crystal Gayle.

Cissy Houston’s life is also filled with challenges. Her husband John Houston, who had once managed Whitney’s career, divorced her and married another woman a few years later. However, despite Whitney’s death, Cissy remains a loving and supportive mother.

Her music

Cissy Houston began her career singing gospel in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey. She sang with the Drinkard Singers for several years before branching out to pop music. After moving to New York, she formed the group Sweet Inspirations with Myrna Smith and Sylvia Sherwell. She recorded hundreds of songs before signing with Atlantic Records. The band recorded albums at Atlantic Studios in New York, Muscle Shoals, and Memphis.

Houston’s success was made apparent by her popularity. Her gospel music was widely known and became a hit. It broke sales records and inspired the next generation of singers and music fans. The album “I Look to You” was released in August 2009 and received generally positive reviews. It included hits like “Million Dollar Bill” and the slow-building ballad title track. Unfortunately, Houston was discovered dead in a bathtub in her Beverly Hills hotel in February 2012.

Houston’s family moved to New Jersey during the Second Great Migration. Her father encouraged her to pursue music and education. Houston’s mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage three years later. Her father died of stomach cancer in 1951. Houston lived with her older sister Lee and her husband Mancel Warrick Jr.

Her relationship with Robyn Crawford

Whitney Houston’s relationship with Robyn Crawford began as a friendship, but the two girls soon developed a deeper relationship. Whitney and Robyn became inseparable during the summer months. Whitney and Robyn met at East Orange Community Development Center, where Robyn was a youth counselor.

When Houston and Crawford were 16 and 19 years old, they started working as summer counselors. They shared their first kiss at a community center, but kept their love affair a secret until Houston’s mother found out. Houston then broke off their physical relationship, but not before giving Crawford a Bible.

Whitney Houston’s relationship with Robyn was one of the most controversial relationships of her time. In the media, the pair were polar opposites. Whitney knew that Robyn was not a romantic partner, but the two women had a mutual understanding of the impact the relationship would have on Whitney Houston’s career.

The relationship between Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford was short-lived. Houston was already destined for stardom by 1980. With her cousin, Dionne Warwick, and her mother, Houston had already caught the attention of record executives in New York. At the age of 19, Houston signed her first contract with Arista Records president Clive Davis.

Her mother’s health

Gospel singer Cissy Houston is currently dealing with some serious health issues, including early dementia. The singer has already suffered the death of two of her children, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown, and now, rumors say, her mother is suffering from dementia. She repeats herself a lot and has trouble remembering what she says. She’s also getting older, and she’s upset by the alleged molestation allegations against her superstar daughter Whitney Houston.

Cissy Houston disowned her son Gary Houston, who was the subject of a Whitney documentary detailing Whitney’s life. Whitney had been molested at a young age, and Gary had come forward to say that she had molested him between the ages of seven and nine. The alleged sexual abuse had shocked fans, and it led to the disapproval of her son by her mother.

Her marriage to Freddie Garland

Cissy Houston is a well-known singer who has been married twice. Her first marriage to Freddie Garland lasted just two years. They eventually divorced in 1956. Cissy Houston then went on to marry a man named John Russell Houston, with whom she had two children. The couple was considered a blessed union, and Cissy Houston is considered one of the greatest female singers of all time.

The couple met in the 1950s and later married. Eventually, they had a son, Gary, who would go on to become an NBA basketball player. However, the couple separated in 1963 and Houston went on to marry John Russell Houston, a Newark City administrator. Whitney was also a mother to a son, Michael Houston.

After the separation, Cissy Houston began a solo career. She published a number of albums and won two Grammy awards. Freddie Garland was her husband for three years. They also had a son, Gary Garland, together. Despite the fact that they were separated for more than five years, the couple remained a family.

Her divorce from Bobby Brown

Cissy Houston filed for divorce from Bobby Brown in 2006 and the divorce was finalized a year later. Before the divorce was final, Houston and Brown were still good friends. The couple stayed friends and continued to co-parent their daughter. Although the divorce was a difficult time for both parties, Houston managed to clean up her image and regain her public image.

The couple were married for 15 years. However, the public perception of this marriage has been tainted by the reality TV show Being Bobby Brown. The public perception was that the demise of the marriage was all Whitney’s fault. However, it’s important to remember that Houston was a drug addict before she married Bobby Brown.

While Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were longtime sweethearts, their relationship had its ups and downs. Whitney and Bobby met in 1989 and married in 1992. Their relationship endured many ups and downs, including drug use and car accidents. But despite all the ups and downs, their relationship remained a strong one. However, Bobby has also admitted that he had a hard time keeping his wife in a healthy environment. This led to tension between the two.

A brief appearance at Whitney Houston’s memorial service on Saturday was met with controversy. Bobby Brown and his entourage were asked to leave the funeral early after security allegedly refused to let them sit together. However, he claimed that he was treated unfairly by the security personnel.

Her drug problems

Cissy Houston’s drug problems were not surprising. As a child, Houston was subject to many traumatic events. Her parents engaged in marital infidelities, and she was bullied at school. When her children were babies, she spent most of her time on tour with her band, The Sweet Inspirations.

As a young child, Houston was sexually abused by a family member. Her mother also traveled frequently, often for her singing career. Some experts believe that genetics may have contributed to Houston’s vulnerability to addiction. However, this is not the only reason Houston struggled with drugs.

Whitney Houston’s mother has revealed details about the late singer’s drug problems in her memoir, “Remembering Whitney.” Cissy Houston also revealed that Bobby Brown had not been the cause of her daughter’s drug problems. Although Whitney Houston’s mother did not blame Bobby Brown for her daughter’s substance abuse, Cissy Houston has been battling to regain her daughter.

The relationship between Houston and Crawford began years before the singer met Bobby Brown. Nevertheless, many people have blamed Brown for Houston’s drug problems. However, the singer and record executive have denied any involvement. In the meantime, Crawford and Houston remained close friends. However, their relationship did not progress to the point where they were intimate.

Is the passing of Cissy Houston True?

At the point when individuals were giving sympathies at the fresh insight about the passing of Cissy Houston, her niece Dionne Warwick took to Twitter to uncover that Cissy is alive. After the web-based entertainment post of Earnest Pugh in regards to the dying of Cissy, individuals began flooding online entertainment stages with recognitions and sympathies. After Pugh went over the joke of Warwick, he erased his unique post. Individuals got befuddled and asked Did Cissy Houston Die? In any case, individuals came to be aware of reality after the joke of Warwick. After the reality of the situation was uncovered by her niece Dionne, individuals came to be familiar with the reality.

Who is Cissy Houston?

Emily “Cissy” Houston is an unbelievable American vocalist who sings gospel. In the wake of building an effective vocation by singing reinforcement for certain specialists like Roy Hamilton, Elvis Presley, and Dionne Warwick, Houston began her performance profession and won two Grammy Awards. The Late incredible artist and entertainer Whitney Houston was the little girl of Cissy. She is likewise the auntie of artists Dionne Warwick and Dee Warwick.

Cissy was brought into the world in Newark, New Jersey, on September 30, 1933. Her folks were Nicholas “Nitch” Drinkard and Delia Mae Drinkard.

Cissy Houston Dead

The phony insight about the passing of Cissy constrained individuals to trust the data to be reliable. Kim Burrell, one of the amazing Gospel symbols, set forth his perspectives after the post of Dionne’s post. Kim denounced the quick course of the phony news in regards to the passing of Cissy. Kim recommended regarding her life as she kept on living. According to different sources, Dionne expressed in her post that Pugh ought to avoid others’ lives. After the remark of Dionne, Earnest Pugh eliminated the post connected with the demise of Cissy. Dionne cleared the fans’ uncertainty that Cissy Houston Dead isn’t genuine.

After the post of Dionne, fans hurled a moan of help. A large portion of the fans were confounded before the post of Dionne cleared the uncertainty, and many trusted the news to be precise. It is extremely lamentable to get such a phony post via web-based entertainment expressing the misleading passing of a living individual. It has been very normal for a couple of months. The dissemination of phony news about an alive individual’s passing is extremely upsetting.


It has turned into something insignificant for certain individuals to circle talk about a VIP’s passing. Talk of Cissy Houston Dead is additionally one model that has gotten the notice of a large number. Individuals shouldn’t accept those bits of gossip without any problem.

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