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Bromcom is a web-based educational management information system. It offers features like integrated finance, PCMCIA/PC-CARD compatibility, and a 30-day data storage for backup purposes. It also has social media integration and can be accessed without third-party software. For more information, visit Brom Com Mis.

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About Bromcom

This is one of the main internet based schooling MIS (The board Data Framework). They want to serve the best administration data framework and spending plan well disposed support of the multitude of schools, Las and MATs, which will draw out the best from the understudies. The site has an encounter of over 10 years of conveying The board Data frameworks.

The site offers various programming that will give back in doing day to day assignments. It gives the most minimal expense administration for eliminating the bolt-ons. Their MIS are differed and isolated into different degrees of training like the grade school MIS, Optional School MIS, Multi Foundation Trust MIS and others. The Brom Com Mis additionally furnishes Schools and MATs with school finance administrations.

Among the numerous things the school can get with the assistance of MIS are participation following, conduct following and substantially more. Moreover, the MIS given by the site empowers every one of its clients to oversee and get to information with practically no outsider programming.

Bromcom is a web-based educational management information system

Bromcom Mis is an educational management information system for schools that offers a flexible and secure solution. The software enables users to access data with a single login and features live dashboards for leadership teams. The software is fully integrated with Parent and Student Apps and allows teachers to stay in touch with their students and parents using push notifications.

Bromcom has over 30 years’ experience in the education sector, and their solutions are user-friendly and intuitive. They are completely cloud-based, with no need to install a local server and worry about upgrades or deployment. Their clients include over 800 schools, sixty MATs, and 20 LAs.

Bromcom Mis is flexible and scalable, enabling MATs to customize the application to their specific needs. It also includes powerful reporting tools, including ad-hoc report designer that enables users to select any data item from the system. The system also offers export data functions, including an Excel add-in that enables live data to be exported securely.

Users can export their data at any time. They can also manually export data prior to contract termination. Moreover, they can download a copy of the school’s SQL database for free. Once the contract expires, the school account is decommissioned. After that, the data is no longer accessible. However, users can delete their accounts earlier if they wish.

The school has signed a multi-year contract with Bromcom. The contract is valid until 1 April 2022. The software includes features such as a parent portal web, parent mobile app, assessment tracking systems, and on-line payments. In addition, it has safeguarding functionality and a replacement for ParentPay.

It has integrated finance

Bromcom’s integrated finance module allows MATs and LAs to access powerful reporting and analysis capabilities. The integrated finance module works with the MIS infrastructure to create dynamic, live dashboards. The system is accessible on any mobile device, including tablets. Many schools use the Bromcom teacher app to log in to the MIS on the go. In addition, many schools are using SIM-card-enabled tablets during PE lessons and school trips.

The Bromcom MIS has been adopted by 70% of schools in England and Wales. It helps schools manage curriculum coverage, multi-channel communication, and data analysis. It also allows for pupil KPIs to be tracked and examined using integrated dashboards. These dashboards include multiple graphs and headline figures to give staff instant insights into the performance of individual pupils.

Bromcom is an integrated finance and education management information system that caters to the needs of modern schools. With a user-friendly interface, the system frees teachers from time-consuming paperwork and admin. With a variety of MIS solutions available, it’s essential to choose one that suits your school’s needs and platform capabilities.

Bromcom Finance offers a secure, cloud-based solution that can be accessed from any device. Its easy-to-use interface offers a single login to a secure system and is compatible with the majority of existing school finance management systems. It also provides a unified look and feel, eliminating the need for new software installations and associated charges. It also offers an integrated student portal to keep teachers and staff connected.

It supports PCMCIA/PC-CARD

A PC card is a type of memory card that allows computers to add additional storage. They are commonly used in notebook computers. The PC card standard was originally developed to help portable computers add memory. Since its creation, the PC card has undergone several changes and improvements.

Bromcom developed the PC-1340 PC card to make it possible for Windows-based laptops to register. This card is compatible with the jNET/jFolder software line. In addition, the company introduced the SmartPDA computer folder. The company also developed e-Markbook, a computer-based student behavior monitoring system that integrates with a school’s MIS system.

Despite its name, PC card standards can vary from one manufacturer to the next. The oldest style is 16-bit, while the newer versions are built on PCI Express and USB 2.0 bus technology. The goal is to improve speed. However, some vendors refer to the older style PC card as PCMCIA.

Bromcom supports PCMCIA/PC-CARD by providing expert support to its customers. SupportDesk staff are trained to deal with a variety of issues, and aim to resolve most calls on first contact. Bromcom also offers flexible support for a variety of customers, including Multi Academy Trusts, Federations, and Local Authorities. They can also provide specialist training for staff, and can even integrate service desks.

It holds data for 30 days for backup purposes

Bromcom’s cloud-based data storage is backed up for 30 days. This period is enough to ensure that data is safely and securely stored in the UK and Microsoft Azure. In addition, Bromcom has multiple warning messages to ensure that data does not get accidentally deleted. The system is also capable of restoring deleted data, so there’s no need to worry about losing any important data.

Bromcom is accessible from any mobile device that has an internet connection. Teachers can use the Bromcom teacher app to log in to the MIS. They can also use SIM-card-equipped tablets to log in on school trips and for PE lessons. This means that Bromcom is available on all of the most popular mobile devices.

The Bromcom MIS is simple to use and enables teachers to focus on teaching. It frees them from manual admin and paper work. The Bromcom MIS platform offers multiple MIS solutions, so it’s important to match your school’s requirements with the platform’s capabilities.

Bromcom provides expert support through a SupportDesk service, which covers 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support. The system also has a standard service level agreement (SLA) based on ticket priority and type. This ensures that any issues you have are handled quickly and efficiently.

It has a SupportDesk service

Bromcom offers a supportdesk service that provides first, second and third-line support to customers. The service comes with a service level agreement (SLA) based on the type of ticket and priority. Bromcom’s SupportDesk service is staffed by highly-trained support engineers who can provide remote assistance.

Bromcom offers on-site training and an extensive online “in application” help system. They also offer bite-size self-training videos. They also have an ITIL support desk and offer a variety of training courses. Customers have access to an ITIL-certified IT consultant in case of any questions or concerns.

Brom Com Mis is a powerful school management information system that is trusted by 70% of schools in England and Wales. It streamlines curriculum, facilitates multi-channel communication, and performs data analysis. The system also tracks pupil KPIs, which helps schools track their progress. It also includes integrated dashboards with multiple graphs and headline figures. The system also enables staff to focus on individual pupils rather than groups.

Bromcom has been serving the education market for over 30 years, providing user-friendly solutions to meet all needs. Their cloud-based platform includes MIS, School Finance, and Vision-X. This eliminates the need for a local server and eliminates the worry of upgrades and deployment.


  • The URL of the page:
  • The presence of the portal: The web portal existed on 28/07/1995.
  • The lapse date of the site: The lapse date of the online interface is 27/07/2023.
  • The location of the online interface: The authority area of the organization is Rutland House, 44 Bricklayers Slope, Bromley BR2 9JG.
  • Email Id:
  • Social site logos: Brom Com Mis is available on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkdIn.
  • Contact number: 020 8290 7100 is the number to contact the site.
  • Proprietor name: No insight regarding the site proprietor name is referenced.

The Value of

  • The site began: The web-based interface existed on 28/07/1995.
  • The trust positioning: The trust positioning of this online interface is great, around 86%.
  • The copy content rate: The copy content level of the site is 100 percent.
  • Social site presence: It is available on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn.
  • Alexa worldwide position: The Alexa positioning of the site is #179460.

Brom Com Mis Reviews

The web-based site has no audits from the client in its page. The Alexa worldwide position of the site is #179460. Besides, the web-based interface is accessible on various social destinations, yet no surveys are accessible on friendly stages, though numerous internet based webpage audits are accessible.


The site offers brilliant training The executives data framework administration to every one of the schools. The article gives total data.

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