America’s Got Talent Season 17 (September 2022) Who Won AGT Season 17!

America Got Talent Season 17

The final episode of America Got Talent Season 17 has a winner and a runner-up. As expected, the winner has divided viewers. Mayyas performed Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground, while Mervant Vera fused freestyle rap with magic. In addition, Dustin Tavella’s augmented reality act brought Elvis Presley to life on stage.

Mayyas performs Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground

In the final episode of America Got Talent Season 17, Mayyas performed Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” on her saxophone. This performance earned her a standing ovation from judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara. She also received the Golden Buzzer, advancing to the live shows. The episode was the first time a saxophonist won the competition.

The song is a favorite of Simon Cowell, who explains how the song evokes memories for the show’s viewers. The competition is more competitive this season, and the top two acts from each night will go on to the final.

America Got Talent Season 17 has brought us a diverse group of performers, including musicians, dancers, ventriloquists, and ventriloquists. These talented performers wowed audiences with their unique talents and were crowned the season’s winner. However, their journeys did not end there. Several finalists have advanced to the finals, including Mayyas and Kristy Sellars.

The judges were impressed with Mayyas’s performance, saying that the audience will always remember her performance. She and Kristy Sellars teamed up for a visually spectacular performance. The audience’s reaction to her performance was overwhelmingly positive. The audience clapped and cheered for her.

The final episode of America Got Talent is set for Sept. 14. The winner will receive a $1 million prize and headline an AGT residency at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Other notable performers include Jon Pardi, Darius Rucker, Chapel Hart, Light Balance, and the Black Eyed Peas. The finale will also feature appearances from judges Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum.

Milligan is a 24-year-old country singer. She was a fan favorite during the audition and her song quickly climbed the iTunes Country charts. After her AGT win, the singer plans to use the $1 million prize to tour the world and play live.

Mervant Vera fuses freestyle rap with magic

Mervant Vera is a magician who has successfully fused freestyle rap with magic. He appeared on “America’s Got Talent” on May 31. When he was younger, he became fascinated with magic and dreamed of performing at a Las Vegas show or touring the world with his act. His act combines rap and card tricks.

The fusion of freestyle rap and magic can be challenging, but Vera’s ability to blend the two has earned him a place in the competition. Other performers can practice their moves by using props spread out in front of them. He was able to perform his magic act in front of four judges and received four yeses from Simon Cowell.

Vera’s performance has both the audience and judges cheering along. In addition to his performance, he also tells a story during the act. His performance is so impressive that Simon Cowell said he was looking forward to seeing him perform in person. The judges and audience were awed by the performance, and he could become a future winner of the show.

Mervant Vera’s performance of Kiss Goodbye All Night

Mervant Vera’s performance of Kiss goodbye all night has divided NBC viewers. The song, performed by the talented singer, is an original song that is not included on her 2021 EP. Her performance included some dance moves and sparks flew out of the stage. Although this is Milligan’s first appearance on the America’s Got Talent stage, it is not her first time performing an original song. Previously, she auditioned with “Sounds Like Something I’d Do,” a song from her 2021 EP.

America’s Got Talent season 17’s winner was announced at the NBC program’s grand finale on Wednesday, but not all viewers were pleased with the results.

The 11 contestants entered the stage for one final attempt to win over the judges—Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel—and win the $1 million first prize after weeks of auditions and live performances.

With “America’s Got Talent” champions Mayyas, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara, and Terry Crews posed. However, several viewers weren’t pleased with the results of the voting. NBC/Trae Patton
Country singers Darius Rucker and Jon Pardi, rappers Black Eyed Peas, magician Shin Lim, and dancers Silhouettes, who were once finalists on America’s Got Talent, all gave performances throughout the broadcast.

Pole dancer Kristy Sellars and the Lebanese dance group Mayyas were the last two acts standing. They both competed in week 5 of the semifinals, and host Terry Crews declared the latter as the competition’s victors.

Pictured in the “America’s Got Talent” 2022 grand finale is pole dancer Kristy Sellars. The outcome dissatisfied the watchers. NBC/Trae Patton
Following Mayyas’ victory, the winning act from Arabs Got Talent received a lot of appreciation from fans.

“I called it from their audition, congratulations Mayas you rocked,” wrote AGT fan Edward Tobin in a tweet.
“Another thing that keeps me hopeful in Lebanon is seeing that there are still individuals representing my nation with such amazing enthusiasm and limitless imagination as the “mayyas.” Herzlichen Glückwunsch #mayyasofficial #AGT @mayyasofficial @AGT @SofiaVergara! “Dr. Amal A. Nasser wrote.
Third delighted fan Ali Colisee wrote, “Worthy winners, proud moment,” along with several Lebanese flag emojis.

However, there seemed to be disagreement among America’s Got Talent viewers as some viewers posted on social media that Mayyas’ victory upset them.

Tweeted one user named Clode: “Although I have no doubt that these women are great, there were several performances that I would have loved to see beat out. #Mayas #AmericasGotTalent”

“Not by any means the best talent, in my opinion. And the show’s name needs to be changed! “Tweeting Catherine, a displeased follower merely wrote: “Ugh! I am unimpressed.”

Vergara, 50, a judge on the AGT and a Modern Family actress, posted on Twitter following the finals. In order to send Mayyas directly to the semifinals at their first audition, she pressed her Golden Buzzer in support of them, and she tweeted about this.

All four judges gave Mayyas a standing ovation after their last performance, which was featured on part one of the America’s Got Talent finale on Tuesday.

Their last performance was announced by 62-year-old Cowell “amazing,” he continued, adding: “Something with you has happened where I’m starting to feel a buzz beyond the show. It’s landed now. It is universal. It’s big. I doubt that you could surpass that.”

Mayyas have been selected for the “America’s Got Talent” Las Vegas live show roster in addition to winning the $1 million cash prize.The Lebanese dancers weren’t everyone’s favourite act, several spectators tweeted. Trae Patton/NBC Mandel, 66, lauded their last dance, which was choreographed by the group’s creator and choreographer Nadim Cherfan “My favourite AGT act to date is this one. That’s fantastic for you. It benefits women, women’s empowerment, and your culture.”

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