How to Develop an AAA Video Game (September 2022) Complete Details!

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The expression “AAA Games” is utilized in the computer game business to allude to high-spending plan, high-profile games that are in many cases created and delivered by enormous, notable firms.

Developing an AAA video game is a major undertaking that involves many different steps. You will need to think about team size, budget, Milestones, and much more. Once you have determined all of these factors, you will then need to plan your development. AAA games are generally the largest games that can be developed.

In order to start developing, you should write a business plan and use some tools like a project charter template in order for you to keep everything on track.

Development Process of an AAA Video Game

Three stages make up the game improvement process.


During pre-creation, the game idea is created. You’ll likewise frame plan and improvement prerequisites here, Moreover, you will design the game’s advancement cycle and the provisions required. A fruitful pre-creation stage requires powerful venture the board. Starloop Studios depends on prototyping, pre-creation choice focuses, and spry methods for overseeing risk on our client’s venture. Accordingly, there aren’t any misfortunes and the work interaction moves along as expected.


This is regularly the most tedious step of the game creation process. Cross-group correspondence is vital for a fruitful assembling process from the model to the gold expert.

For over 12 years, the Starloop Studios has a group of 150+ programmers, craftsmen, and originators has been making games. They know about all patterns and watch out for development to convey the best answers for their clients.

After Production

After creation starts off the game creation upkeep stage. This is where games get bug fixes and new elements. The game improvement organization Starloop Studios utilizes different methodologies and apparatuses, for example, Light-footed or Jira, to expand correspondence and straightforwardness, permitting them to accomplish more significant levels of execution.

Development Time of an AAA Video Game

With various game sorts requiring their own specific planners, troublesome menus to explore, and tremendous guides that are still basically made manually, AAA games have developed to look like colossal amusement parks by their own doing. Remember that each time you see a tree, somebody needed to snap and drag it there and another person needed to ensure the NPC was noticeable, talked, and utilized the genuine discourse instead of placeholder language while standing somewhat behind the tree. In the event that it requires a year to make one, it should be a continuation. Any other way, you’ll be fortunate to see these made in under five years. no matter what the quantity of workers you have. You might abbreviate advancement and creation times with the assistance of Starloop Studios’ gifted staff and job specialization, empowering you to send off new undertakings when doable. Your return for money invested will be apparent sooner the previous you send off.

Development Budget of an AAA Video Game

It isn’t your obligation to surpass AAA game expenses and stick to colossal consumptions. Recall that you should employ many groups of guaranteed experts to cover every one of the basic periods of the cycle. One group will foster craftsmanship and sound, another will chip away at game plan and story, another will have customized and improve the game for the objective stage, etc. An AAA game will normally cost around $60 million to $80 million to create and deliver.

When contrasted with the cost of in-house improvement, Starloop Studios can save you 40% or more. You won’t bring about any above costs. You just compensation for the time their staff spends chipping away at your task.

Cost of developing an AAA video game

Developing an AAA video game is an expensive project. Depending on the features you’re adding, the platform, and the reputation of the developer, the cost can range anywhere from $60 million to $80 million. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the factors that influence the cost of an AAA video game.

Developing an AAA video game is difficult and expensive, taking two to four years. It requires multiple teams of hundreds to make the game. The team will then take care of the art, audio, design, narrative, and programming, and the final release will be tested to ensure it’s perfect. An average AAA game takes from 18 to 36 months to develop, and some AAA games can take as long as five years to complete.

In addition to hiring a large team of developers, AAA games spend a huge amount of money on marketing. This is usually 40% of the budget. This is quite large compared to indie games, which spend less on marketing. Using celebrities to voice the games is also common, and some AAA games even hire celebrities as voice actors.

Developers should also consider the amount of money that their AAA video games cost. For example, the development of the wildly popular Guitar Hero cost $1.7 million. Another popular AAA video game, the sequel to the popular Jak and Daxter franchise, cost $10 million. Similarly, the development of Half-Life 2 cost $40 million. Gabe Newell, the publisher of the game, admitted this in an interview.

Team size

If you want to develop an AAA video game, you’ll need to hire a large team of developers. AAA games can cost tens of millions of dollars and require a team of several hundred people. In addition, they often take two or more years to develop. While you can find games made by smaller teams, you’re better off looking for teams of over 100 people.

The initial stages of development begin with concept work. This involves hiring a technical director to determine engineering needs, an art director to help determine the visual style, and a creative director to determine major gameplay features. Usually, the first phase of development involves five to ten people, but this can vary.

One of the main benefits of working on an AAA project is that you can work with the best people in the industry. Your team will have access to top talent who can help you develop your skills, as well as to a high-profile publisher. In addition, your team will have access to top-tier vendors and distributors.

AAA titles are often developed to become franchises. This means that they can earn millions of dollars for the developer. In addition, AAA titles are more likely to sell well and earn developers recognition for their work. A good example of this is the action RPG game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which was developed by Big Huge Games and 38 Studios. The game sold 1.3 million copies in its first three months alone.

Another great example of AAA video games is Destiny 2. The studio behind Destiny 2 is Bungie, which is responsible for the Halo franchise. Destiny 2 was the second highest-grossing console game of 2017 in North America. It was also the biggest PC release of 2017. The game also broke PlayStation Store’s day-one sales record.


There are many steps in developing an AAA video game. During the pre-production phase, a prototype is created to check the quality of the game. The prototype is usually paid for, but in many cases, the developer may not receive payment until the game reaches a certain point. The developer is usually constrained by the heavy development expenses each month, and the payment arrangement may vary based on the milestone’s completion status.

As a result of this investment, the AAA model can be difficult to sustain. Companies will often seek to protect their investment by implementing restrictions on practice. Non-competes, non-solicitations, and moonlighting clauses are common. These restrictions can make it difficult to practice your craft after the contract is signed.

As a result, the game will be heavily marketed. It is therefore important for the game to be well-received by players. For this, the AAA game development team will conduct extensive market research to determine what the audience will be looking for. They will also work with the designers to establish a visual language and style. It is important to note that the design of a game will change over time as feedback is received.

The AAA video game development process typically takes between one and four years. The team develops the story, defines the game mechanics, sets the rules of play, creates assets and scenes, and writes the code. Each of these components must be carefully crafted. The team also has to take into account the game’s difficulty, point-scoring system, and other aspects.

AAA games are technically complex and highly interactive. They use advanced techniques for video and audio and feature modern technologies, such as facial recognition and gesture control. This creates a better gaming experience, which in turn attracts more players and increases the company’s market share.


The budget for developing an AAA video game is typically a lot higher than that of a small indie title. AAA video games are blockbusters that require a lot of resources to launch. In addition to the development budget, the AAA games will also need significant marketing efforts in order to be successful.

AAA games require hundreds of people to create the final product. It can take up to half a year to complete a AAA title. The final cost will depend on how much work is required to complete the project. However, if you have a close relationship with your publisher, you will likely not have to cover all of these costs.

As AAA games have become increasingly complex, the budgets of their development studios are getting bigger. This is partly because the developers are paying more for skilled designers and developers. Moreover, the studios also have to invest in office space, which can be costly, depending on the location. In addition, offices must be equipped with high-end technology and security systems. AAA games also require large teams of developers and contractors, ranging from 70 to 100.

Budget for developing an AAA video game is typically between $60 million and $80 million, but can be much higher. AAA games generally require many certified professionals across many different disciplines, including programming, optimization for the target platform, art and audio, game design, and narrative. AAA games also require a large amount of communication and a high level of collaboration, which can be challenging to manage on a small budget.

AAA games are very expensive and can take two years to develop. These games typically require several hundred people to make, and can cost up to tens of millions of dollars. Many AAA games are massive in scope and have high-quality graphics. In addition, they require large teams and huge marketing budgets.


There are two primary stages in the development of an AAA video game. The first is production, which is a phase that involves bringing on people to develop systems, features, and assets for the game. Depending on the size of the budget and the amount of time the team has available to spend on the project, this phase can take anywhere from six months to a year.

The second phase of game development is called post-production. During this stage, the production team will make several iterations and edits before the final product is completed. After many trials and adjustments, the team will reach an optimal technical and visual representation of the game. Eventually, it will be ready for release, and many AAA games have short development cycles. Here’s a breakdown of what each stage entails.

Timeline for developing an AAA video game is an important part of the production process. It helps the team keep track of all of the tasks they need to do to complete the project. A game production pipeline will help the team manage time and budget. The game development pipeline is similar for indie, mobile, and AAA games.

In general, AAA video games take about five years to create. These games are highly anticipated and are usually developed by major studios. They are expected to be technically advanced, bug-free, and feature high production values. For these reasons, they are typically made by a large studio, and their development budgets are significantly larger than those of indie games.

While some AAA games can take seven or eight years to complete, most are finished within two or three years. The development process usually involves 150-250 people.

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