Having Trouble Relaxing? Try out These Stress-relieving Games


Stress-relieving games can help reduce your family and work stress. In addition, it can keep your end-of-the-day tension at bay. These games offer a fun way to combat the mental pressure you might be experiencing regularly. However, tapping and scrolling on your smartphone device will benefit you to learn a new language, enroll in a dance class or engage in moderate activities like jogging or swimming to keep stress at bay.

As for the stress-relieving games, here’s a list you cannot miss. Install these on your device and tap play whenever you feel you cannot handle the situation and need to blow off steam.

Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a puzzle game you can easily find and cannot ignore. It is a famous stress reliever and is played across the globe. It involves connecting the same colored candies and crushing them. The more candies you crush, the more you get to release your stress, and the upbeat background music further enhances this. The levels keep getting more challenging, and it will keep your focus hooked.

Stag Shooter

Shooter games can take your mind off stressful thoughts. Stag Shooter is a deer hunting game where players have to aim and shoot the stags. It requires excellent hand-eye coordination and speed. The matches last for five minutes, and you would be competing against real-life online opponents.

Flow Free

Flow Free is a soothing game available on the Internet. The aim is to pair the same colors with the pipe, and you must connect the colors to create a Flow. The levels are solved when the pipes cover the entire board. However, you must not overlap or cross the pipes.

As the levels get higher, it becomes more frenetic and challenging. However, the sessions will keep your mind occupied and away from worrying thoughts.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap offers players the ultimate satisfaction of popping bubbles. It provides players a stimulating experience, and you can pop them as long as you want. The game acts similar to pressing a stress ball. You can choose to play any of the mini-games within the app. For instance, Blitz Pop requires players to pop as many bubbles as possible within one minute. Pop All requires players to pop 2,000 bubbles faster than everyone else, and Pop 500 requires you to pop 500 bubbles as fast as possible.

The game is addictive and fun, just as popping bubble wraps in the real world. You can change the bubble size, and the popping sound will change when you do that.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle is a classic puzzle game and is loved by all. While many versions of this game, the classic one remains number one in everyone’s heart. You must sort the pieces as quickly as possible by moving them around on the board and trying to fit them perfectly within the time limit. The objective is to create a recognizable object and score.

Playing Jigsaw Puzzle on your phone is better than carrying around the pieces. So tap play and get started.


Wordscapes is a famously popular stress reliever, and it appeals to crossword and anagram lovers. If you love word search challenges, this game is up your alley. You can solve the levels within a few minutes or do it for hours.

The workings of the game are straightforward. Build words from the given letters, and there’s no time limit. You can create more than one word. Since there’s no timer breathing down your neck, you will not be scrutinized. So, take your time to form words, and while your stress dissipates, your vocabulary will get better.


If you prefer mind-relaxing games featuring match 3 challenges, you must check out Bejeweled. The application is set apart from the rest because of its different modes, allowing you to relieve stress. You can stick to the original gameplay by playing in Classic Mode. If you feel competitive, you can try Lightning and Diamond Mine Mode.

But if you want to play the game only to relieve stress, you can opt for the Zen Mode. As you try this mode, you will gain access to features like positive affirmations, breath modulation, and nuanced aural tones. The best part about Zen Mode is that you can play without any pressure, and there’s no need to reach specific targets.

My Oasis

My Oasis requires you to build islands while listening to calming music. It will help relieve stress by enabling players to create their dream island by tapping the screen. It is a soothing game with calming visuals; you have to add flowers, trees, and animals like deer, giraffes, whales, foxes, and elephants.

You can watch your island come to life as you keep expanding, and your stress will fade away.


Tetris is a great game; you cannot lose interest while solving this puzzle. It is the best stress-relieving game of all time. The primary goal is to clear the horizontal lines. Players must move, rotate and drop the blocks to create these horizontal lines, so they disappear.

If you need a bit more sass, you can also check out Block Puzzle. But, again, Tetris inspires the game, and the rules are the same.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to say goodbye to your stress and worrying thoughts? Install these apps, and you never have to gasp for breath again.

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