How to Apply & Use Chart Filters in Microsoft Excel for Mac or PC

How to Apply & Use Chart Filters in Microsoft Excel for Mac or PC

Creating a more organized presentation of your information is conceivable on account of Microsoft Excel. You can make outlines and charts to show all the data in a single spot. To alter the qualities on each chart on your bookkeeping page, you can involve the Chart Filters in Microsoft Excel.

While you can access and utilize the Microsoft Excel application on Mac and PC PCs, a few capacities may not be something similar. How you do sifting your outline information on Windows 10/11 PC isn’t something similar on your MacBook or iMac PC. Windows has the Chart Filters button while Mac will make you work around a little.

Use Microsoft Excel Chart Filters on Windows 10/11 PC

To utilize the chart filters, you want to choose the chart on your MS Excel worksheet. You can choose the chart by going to the Insert tab on the Home tab. Pick the outline that you need to use to add it to your worksheet.

Assuming you as of now have the chart in the worksheet, you can basically tap on it for the Chart Filters button to show up.

  • Click the Chart Filters button close to your chart.
  • You will see the Values and Names area.
  • Check and uncheck the containers close to the information you need to see and stow away on your chart.
  • Once done, click Apply.
  • To eliminate the filter applied already, click the Chart Filters button.
  • On the Series and Categories, check the Select All cases.
  • Click Apply. It will show the original chart.

Step by step instructions to Apply Chart Filters in Microsoft Excel Worksheets on a Mac Computer

As referenced above, there is no Chart Filters button work when utilizing Microsoft Excel on a macOS PC gadget. Nonetheless, there are ways you can in any case filters Microsoft Excel information on your outlines.

  • Select the chart that you need to filter.
  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Select Sort and Filter.
  • Pick Filter.
  • Click the bolt close to the information that you need to filter.
  • A spring up box will show up.
  • Set your filter prerequisites.
  • Once done, click Apply Filter.
  • To return to the first outline, click Clear Filter.

On the off chance that you use Word or PowerPoint, you can filter the outlines by sending them to Microsoft Excel.

  • Select the chart that you need to filter.
  • Go to the Chart Design tab.
  • Pick Edit Data in Excel.
  • Your Microsoft Excel will open.
  • When there, you can filter the chart in light of the strategy above.
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