Best Staunton Vhane Build in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous


Staunton Vhane is perhaps the hardest ally to get all through Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, as players don’t track down him until after he is dead. Subsequent to enrolling him, players should invest some effort into his assemble. Staunton begins as a Warpriest, which can be an immaculate class whenever constructed accurately. We should go over what is had some significant awareness of Staunton and how to further develop him.

Base Stats of Staunton Vhane

Staunton Vhane doesn’t become open to enlist until act four of the game, implying that he will be at a genuinely undeniable level when players contact him. As an undead predominate, he has some unique details from the standard midget and other living colleagues. Players ought to likewise remember that he is legal insidiousness. Here are his base details:

Staunton’s Ability Stats

  • Strength: 15 (+2)
  • Dexterity: 18 (+4)
  • Constitution: N/A
  • Intelligence: 7 (- 2)
  • Wisdom: 14 (+2)
  • Charisma: 12 (+1)

Warpriest Starting Skills

  • Athletics
  • Knowledge (World)
  • Persuasion
  • Lore (Religion)
  • Knowledge (Arcane)

Warpriest Starting Feats

  • Deity Selection
  • Unconstrained Casting
  • Weapon Focus
  • Blessings
  • Sacred Weapon

Staunton has no Constitution score because of him being undead. Because of this, he is extremely slight in contrast with most tank classes. Other than that, he is a tenth level Warpriest with no as of now picked specialization and an extremely low Intelligence score.

What to Specialize Staunton Vhane in

For Warpriests, there are six absolute originals to browse. These are Champion of Faith, Cult Leader, Feral Champion, Disenchanter, Shieldbearer, and Proclaimer. Each further practices the Warpriest class by adding some extra highlights and eliminating or punishing a few past capacities.

As Staunton is normally unfit to be augmented in any capacity as an undead, the most ideal decision of model for him inside the Warpriest class is the Cult Leader. The Cult Leader model adds more covertness and sneak assault potential to permit Staunton to sneak across the field with his administrative capacities. This removes a portion of the reward battle accomplishments that the base class gets.

Cult Leader Level Progression

  • First Level – Deity Selection, Spontaneous Casting, Well-Hidden, Blessings, Sacred Weapon
  • Second Level – Fervor
  • Third Level – Sneak Attack
  • Fourth Level – Enthrall and Sacred Weapon
  • Fifth Level – None
  • 6th Level – Bonus Feat and Sneak Attack
  • Seventh Level – Sacred Armor
  • Eighth Level – Sacred Weapon
  • 10th Level – Sneak Attack
  • tenth Level – Sacred Armor
  • eleventh Level – None
  • twelfth Level – Sacred Weapon, Sneak Attack, and Hide in Plain Sight
  • thirteenth Level – Sacred Armor
  • fourteenth Level – None
  • fifteenth Level – Sneak Attack
  • sixteenth Level – Sacred Weapon and Sacred Armor
  • seventeenth Level – None
  • eighteenth Level – Bonus Feat and Sneak Attack
  • nineteenth Level – Sacred Armor
  • twentieth Level – Aspect of War and Sacred Weapon

Cult Leader Ability Descriptions

  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency – Proficient with every straightforward weapon, hand crossbows, swords, shortbows, shortswords, light covering, and light safeguards.
  • Hide in Plain Sight – Players can utilize secrecy while being seen.
  • Fervor – Warpriests can draw upon the force of his confidence to mend wounds or mischief enemies. He can likewise utilize this capacity to immediately project Spells that guide in his battles.
  • Holy Weapon – Weapons used by a Warpriest are accused of the force of his confidence.
  • Sacred Armor – This power gives the player’s shield a +1 upgrade reward. For each three levels past the seventh, this extra increments by one (to a limit of +5 at nineteenth level).
  • Part of War – Once each day as a Swift Action, a Warpriest can regard his level as his base assault reward and can move at his maximum speed no matter what the Armor he is wearing or his encumbrance.
  • Sneak Attack – The Cult Leader will actually want to strike for additional harm when they are either covered in secrecy or when the objective is flanked. The primary level arrangements an additional a 1d6 of harm, and each extra degree of sneak assault adds an extra d6 of harm to the sneak assault.
  • Enthrall – a Cult Leader can attempt to captivate all foes in 30ft radius.If the adversaries bomb their Will saving toss they are intrigued for various rounds equivalent to the player’s Wisdom modifier.
  • Well-Hidden – Gain a +2 on all covertness checks.
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