How to conduct debates with Luke, Marius, Artem, and Vyn in Tears of Themis


A few occasions might expect you to direct agreeable discussions with any of the four male leads. To do as such, head to the Legal Studies segment of the X-Note menu on the base right of the screen.

You’ll track down Reasoning, Case Study, PsyT, and Legal stages, which are spots where you can cultivate advancement materials for every one of the male leads. Similarly, to finish these stages, you want to win banters against Luke, Marius, Artem, and Vyn.

Stage Schedule and Drops

Lawful Studies stages are not open lasting through the week. Assuming you really want to direct a discussion with a specific male lead or homestead for their advancement materials, you want to delay until their stage is open. Each discussion costs 20 AP, and you’ll be discounted the expense in full on the off chance that you neglect to win the discussion.

Reasoning : Luke Pearce

Open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

  • Reasoning Techniques I: Vision Chip I
  • Reasoning Techniques II: Vision Chip I, Vision Chip II
  • Reasoning Techniques III: Vision Chip I, Vision Chip II, Vision Chip III

Case Study : Artem Wing

Open on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Case Study I: Equalization Chip I
  • Case Study II: Equalization Chip I, Equalization Chip II
  • Case Study III: Equalization Chip I, Equalization Chip II, Equalization Chip III

PsyT: Vyn Richter

Open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

  • Psychotherapy I: Mind Chip I
  • Psychotherapy II: Mind Chip I, Mind Chip II
  • Psychotherapy III: Mind Chip I, Mind Chip II, Mind Chip III

Legal : Marius von Hagen

Open on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • Legal Consult I: Infinity Chip I
  • Legal Consult II: Infinity Chip I, Infinity Chip II
  • Legal Consult III: Infinity Chip I, Infinity Chip II, Infinity Chip III
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