Where to find “Cross-border Obsession” Hidden Story in Lost Ark

“Cross-line Obsession” is a fast and simple one-area Hidden Story in North Vern that you can clear up while getting different things done. With how in-the-manner this Hidden Story is while achieving one more undertaking in the Adventurer’s Tome, we’re embarrassed that it accepting us as lengthy to observe it as we did.

“Cross-line Obsession” location

This short Hidden Story can be found in Roy’s Wine Bar, which can be found in Rania Village. It shows up as a piece of paper on the floor right close to Roy, the barkeep.

Truth be told, it is so close to Roy, all things considered, you will incidentally get the explore brief just by coincidentally moving somewhat excessively far past Roy towards the divider. That is the manner by which close it is.

While you’re here guaranteeing your Hidden Story, this moment would be a decent opportunity to guarantee a piece of the mainland’s cooking also. The Vern Anniversary Spirits can be bought from Roy for 18,000 Silver each.

We say each on the grounds that purchasing two of these is really smart. You’ll require a Vern Anniversary Spirits to create the Long Live the Queen! local dish later on notwithstanding the one you want to straight-up drink.

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