Where to find “The Last Mission” Hidden Story in Lost Ark

“The Last Mission” is a Hidden Story safely concealed in the furthest reaches of North Vern, in one of the most tangled maps in Lost Ark up to this point: the Vernese Forest. Players could undoubtedly scour this region for a long time without figuring out how to find the Hidden Story nonchalantly.

“The Last Mission” location

This Hidden Story is disputably still a troublesome Hidden Story to settle the score assuming you know where it is. Exploring the contorting wreck and one-way ways of the Vernese Forest can give you a migraine on the off chance that you’re not ready for it.

“The Last Mission” is only a solitary area Hidden Story, saving players the frightfulness of running around Vernese woods while rummaging for more isolated explore areas. Whenever you’ve made it along the way we set apart above to the end, you’re done.

Assuming you’ve effectively experienced Vernese Forest and have the Triports enacted, your journey for the Hidden Story is made a lot simpler since it’s right close by the Balanker Ranger Headquarters Triport.

While you’re nearby, the Proxima spawnpoint in the Vernese woods. You’ll have to beat him no less than two times for fixing drops for the Adventurer’s Tome, so it could be a savvy thought to time your excursion for “The Last Mission” when Proxima is because of generate and you can guarantee your prizes from him.

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