How To Get Zen Marker (July 2022) Know The Complete Details!

How To Get Zen Marker (March 2022) Know The Complete Details!

Here, we have examined a bit by bit guide on How to Get Zen Marker in the Roblox Find the Markers game.

Could it be said that you are a fanatic of the Find the Markers game? Would you like to find out about the method for gaining Zen Maker? On the off chance that indeed, tune into the post.

Observe the Markers is a variant of the Find the Badge game. In the game players need to observe markers utilizing hints. Another Zen Marker was sent off as of late and individuals in the United States need to know more. Along these lines, here, we have talked about How to Get Zen Marker.

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Step By Step Guide to Obtain Zen Marker

Stage 1: Hint 1 to Get Zen Marker

  • In the first place, go to the new sweets land area and search for the Saint Markers Chocolate Fountain.
  • Presently head towards the path of the wellspring.
  • There should be some clue exactly at the rear of the wellspring which players need to gather
  • In the wake of gathering the clues from the spot, players need to go towards the production line.
  • In the wake of passing the tree segment, players will arrive at the Factory That Will Be Good For The Economy area.
  • In the wake of entering the plant, players will see a board showing the course of the Assembly Line.

Stage 2: Hint 2 for How to Get Zen Marker

  • Players need to pursue the course and head towards it to go into a room.
  • Subsequent to going into the room, go towards the right mass of the red checker entryway to secure the subsequent clue.

Stage 3: Hint 3 to Get Zen Marker

  • Presently push ahead to the redid dessert area, and in the wake of arriving at the desert segment, players should search for the greatest point of support, which is called Big’s Hand. Additionally, the point of support has a turning dim brown, pivoting point of support above it.
  • The third clue will be there at the center piece of the Big’s Hand.

Stage 4: Hint 4 to Get Zen Marker

  • Subsequent stages on How to Get Zen Marker, players should travel towards the redid backwoods area.
  • They will see a few steps some place in the timberland. Players need to ascend the steps.
  • In the wake of climbing the steps, players will see a NPC wearing a blue shirt with a bow moon over his head.
  • Players need to get around to the log close to the NPC and go through the rope to arrive at the opposite side of the log.
  • Presently go to the edge of the world and hop down onto the edge underneath and procure the fourth clue inside the precipice.

Stage 5: Hint 5 for How to Get Zen Marker

  • Presently go to the little lodge in the woods and into the chimney stack.
  • Presently to go to the support for the last clue on the lightning bolt.

Stage 6: Obtain the Chocolate and Reach Fountain to Get Zen Marker

  • Presently go to the snow lodge and go higher up and take the chocolate close to the microwave.
  • In conclusion, go to the wellspring with the coin, and players will get the Zen Marker.


Players need to follow the above strides in the accompanying request to get the Zen Marker. Assuming players miss anybody’s clue, it will be difficult to get Zen Marker.

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