CSR Racing 2 Tuning Guide: Best Tuning Setups

Tuning accurately is the way to dominating races in CSR Racing 2. Indeed, even with all exhibition updates opened and combination parts introduced, you could in any case wind up falling behind on the drag strip while hustling rivals. This is where tweaking the tune of your redesigns comes in.

Tuning is basic however can frequently appear to be confounded. Notice the numbers at the highest point of the screen, right beneath your vehicle’s name. These are the PP and Evo focuses. PP is the exhibition of your vehicle in stock or redesigned structure, and Evo focuses, set apart in blue, is the additional presentation your vehicle gets from the option and tuning of Fusion parts. The higher the Evo focuses, the quicker your vehicle is.

How to open Tuning in CSR 2 Racing?

To open tuning for a vehicle, you want to have Stage 2 Nitrous, Stage 3 Tires, and Stage 4 Transmission. Note that your vehicle should have Fusion parts introduced to get Evo focuses. Combination parts come in green, blue, and pink, contingent upon its unique case. You get Fusion parts by finishing difficulties or getting them with keys from Donna Banks over at Rare Imports.

When you have Fusion parts introduced in your vehicle, you’ll see that the Evo focuses go up essentially. Presently, now is the ideal time to tap on the Tune tab to change the exhibition of your combination parts to juice out significantly additional power from these redesigns.

How to track down the best Tuning Setup in CSR 2 Racing?

Tuning is truly basic. All you need to zero in on is the Evo focuses and attempting to inspire it to go as high as could be expected. There are three sections you can tune — Nitrous Oxide, Final Drive, and Tire Pressure. To expand your Evo focuses, essentially click on each update tab and track down the ideal setting for it. As you increment or reduction the details, you will see the Evo focuses on your vehicle expanding or diminishing all the while. Find the one that gives you the most noteworthy tuning rating, and stick to it. The number that works best changes from one vehicle to another. There is no particular tuning arrangement that works best with all vehicles, so try to tune every vehicle to take advantage of it.

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