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Philanthropic quality Crossword Clue [Solved]

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hospitable – a 
favorable to life and growth; “soil sufficiently hospitable for forest growth”; “a hospitable environment” 
disposed to treat guests and strangers with cordiality and generosity; “a good-natured and hospitable man”; “a hospitable act”; “hospitable invitations” 


affable, cordial, genial, gracious, sociable


they are hospitable … : give a guest everything, and leave him free to do as he likes

the people of that country are very hospitable.  

It’s a hearty plant that grows in even the least hospitable climates. 

elderly people moving to Florida for its hospitable climate


“kind and cordial to strangers or guests,” 1560s, from French hospitable, which is formed as if from a Medieval Latin hospitabilis, from the stem of Latin hospitari “be a guest,” from hospes (genitive hospitis) “guest” (see host (n.1)). The Latin adjective was hospitalis, but this became a noun in Old French and entered English as hospital. Related: Hospitably.

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