What does ORDR mean in Diablo Immortal? (August 2022)

Diablo Immortal has numerous details for players to see and find out about. While taking a gander at your details, you will see a detail called ORDR. In spite of its apparently unimportant nature and the odd mix of letters, it’s really one of the most significant details in the game.

What is ORDR in Diablo Immortal?

ORDR represents Offense Rating Defense Rating, which is basically your Combat Rating. It decides how much harm you arrangement and how well you take harm. Having a low ORDR implies you’ll pass on effectively and give frail hits while having a high ORDR implies you’ll be a tank with disastrous blows.

How to raise ORDR in Diablo Immortal?

There are many ways to raise your ORDR in Diablo Immortal.

  1. Try and find great gear. A great weapon or good armor will improve your ORDR, while good gear will raise your attributes. As you level up, you should get gear that matches your level and raises the attributes you need. You should pick up everything from the ground and see if it improves your stats.
  2. You need to level up your gear. For those who have played a lot of RPGs, leveling up their gear is common sense, but not for those who haven’t. Raising the level of your gear is always an option. Each time, you’ll be charged, and the higher your gear level, the more you’ll be charged. Even so, if your preferred gear or stats are just right, you should upgrade it instead of trading it for another.
  3. Don’t forget to use and upgrade your Legendary Gems. While legendary gems seem like a burden to keep in mind to equip, your ORDR will increase with each gear slot you fill up. If there is an empty slot anywhere, you should fill it with something, otherwise you’re not maximizing your efficiency.
  4. As you unlock the Helliquary, you will discover a bonus attribute that increases your ORDR. There are other bonuses, but the combat bonus is sufficient for your purposes. Keep upgrading your Helliquary with Hellfire Scoria as often as you can to unlock new raid encounters and enhance your ORDR.
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