How to find the Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19? (August 2022) Easy And Authentic Way!

Finding the Ancient City beneath the profundities of the world in Minecraft is straightforward, however it takes a touch of looking through the Deep Dark Biome. You additionally have the choice to utilize the find cheat order to think that it is considerably quicker.

Where to find the Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19

To find the Ancient City in Minecraft, you’ll have to explore to the Deep Dark Biome, since this is the main biome the Ancient City will produce inside. To get to this area, you’ll should be underneath level zero. When you see the shimmering lights, you’ll realize you’re going in the correct bearing. However long you are in the Deep Dark Biome, it’s moderately simple to detect since the main man-made structure exists inside this domain.

How to utilize a cheat to track down Minecraft 1.19 Ancient City

In the event that you find that physically finding the Ancient City inside the Deep Dark Biome is excessively troublesome, you can continuously utilize a fast cheat to track down the spot. Simply utilize the/find order to be given the area of the city. In particular, you’ll need to hit T, then type in/find structure minecraft:ancient_city assuming you have the Java version and/find old city assuming that you have the Bedrock release.

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