How to Restart Minecraft Launcher? (August 2022) Complete Details!

The Minecraft Launcher can once in a while be a troublesome door that blocks you from playing the game. Since it is its own product separate from Minecraft, customarily, there will be refreshes made to the launcher that should be introduced before you will be permitted to play. You will then have to restart the launcher to utilize the new form. This is the way to restart the Minecraft Launcher.

The most effective method to restart the Minecraft Launcher after an update

Not long after the Minecraft Launcher is refreshed, you will presumably see a message in the upper right corner that expresses that another Launcher update is prepared and you ought to restart the Launcher to utilize the most recent rendition. Assuming you attempt to play Minecraft, you will get an Outdated Client mistake. There are truly just two suitable choices to restart the Launcher and apply refreshes. One is by shutting it totally, and the other is a final retreat Armageddon choice.

Restarting the Minecraft Launcher by closing it completely

The least complex method for restarting the Minecraft Launcher is by shutting the product and returning it. Nonetheless, as a rule, this will demonstrate fruitless, and you will in any case see the restart notice in the upper right corner. To restart the Minecraft Launcher, you want to completely shut down the program prior to returning it. You can do this by squeezing Alt+F4, using the Task Manager, or restarting your PC completely.

This will close the program totally, and when you return the Launcher, it ought to be the most recent variant. The restart notice ought to never again show up in the upper right corner. This technique will work 95% of the time while perhaps not more. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you actually don’t have the most recent adaptation, you should erase and reinstall your Minecraft envelope.

Restarting the Minecraft Launcher by deleting the Minecraft folder

We don’t suggest this choice except if there could be no other option and you can’t play Minecraft. This strategy will erase your .minecraft organizer and, simultaneously, erase every one of your reality saves, player information, surface packs, and shaders. You will be beginning totally new with another Minecraft establishment. This is a lamentable technique. Nonetheless, it as a rule can fix any issue you are having with the Minecraft Launcher and the actual game.

To erase your Minecraft envelope, go to your PC’s inquiry bar. In this search bar, type %appdata%. This will take you to your App Data envelope where you will probably see the .minecraft organizer right at the top. Just erase this envelope and its items to clear Minecraft off of your PC totally. Then, at that point, you should simply reinstall everything to get your Minecraft Launcher working again like new.

As referenced, the primary choice will work essentially constantly, however the uninstall choice can be useful when in doubt. If by some stroke of good luck the Minecraft Launcher could restart itself when another update is introduced.

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