How Can We Delete Pokemon Platinum Save File? (August 2022) Easy Steps!


  • To erase a Pokemon Platinum save the record.
  • You should initially find the save document on your framework.
  • Whenever you have found it.
  • You can erase it utilizing the standard record erasure techniques.


How would you erase a save record on Pokemon Diamond?
Erase the save document in the “Recoveries” envelope on your SD card.

How would you erase saved information on DS?
To erase saved information on DS, open the DS framework programming and select “Information Management.” On the Data Management screen, select “Erase Saved Data.” Follow the on-screen directions to erase your saved information.

How would you erase a saved game on Pokemon 3DS?
To erase a saved game on Pokemon 3DS, go to the Home Menu and select “Save Data”. Then, at that point, pick the game you need to erase and press A. The game will be erased.

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How would you erase saved information on RetroArch?
There are a couple of ways of erasing saved information on RetroArch:
-To begin with, you can utilize the “Reasonable Saved Data” choice in the Options menu. This will delete all your saved information and reset the game state.
-You can likewise erase you’re saved records physically by choosing them in the File Manager and squeezing the Delete button.

Which starter Pokemon is best in platinum?
There is no conclusive response to this inquiry. Various individuals might lean toward various starter Pokemon for various reasons. Certain individuals might incline toward the more impressive and flexible Pokemon, while others might favor the charming and cuddly ones. Eventually, it relies upon your singular inclinations.

How would you reset a Pokemon save document?
There is nobody size-fits-all response to this inquiry, as the most common way of resetting a Pokemon save record will fluctuate contingent upon the game and variant you are playing. In any case, a few hints on the most proficient method to reset a Pokemon save record might incorporate erasing the game information (counting any saved games), reinstalling the game, or utilizing a device like Pokémon Reset.

How would you restart a Pokemon game on 3DS?
To restart a Pokemon game on 3DS, hold down the power button and the home button simultaneously until the 3DS stop. Then, at that point, hold down the power button to betray.

How would you restart a game on DS?
To restart a game on the DS, hold down the power button until the framework powers off and afterward holds down the power button again to restart.

How would you delete a save record on Pokemon Black?
To eradicate a save document on Pokemon Black, you should initially enter the choices menu and select “Save.” From here, you can decide to delete the ongoing save record or all save records.

How would you restart Pokemon Platinum?
To restart Pokemon Platinum, you should initially control off your 3DS and afterward hold down the power button for around 10 seconds. When your 3DS has controlled off, you can hold down the L and R buttons simultaneously to fire up your 3DS in recuperation mode. From here, you can go through the Volume and Volume Down buttons to feature “Pokemon Platinum” on the primary menu and afterward press the X button to begin the game.

Is the 3DS eShop closing down?
There is no ongoing data to propose that the 3DS eShop is closing down. Notwithstanding, it’s generally conceivable that Nintendo might choose to stop the assistance sooner or later.

What are the Kalos starters?
The Kalos starters are the original of Pokémon that were presented in the Generation VII games. They are a gathering of grass-type Pokémon.

How would you erase a Pokemon record?
The least demanding method for erasing a Pokemon document is to utilize a PC. Go to your Pokemon game’s organizer (ordinarily C:\Program Files (x86)\Pokemon), and erase the document named “pokemon.

How would you erase a save document on Pokemon Pearl DS?
To erase a save document on Pokemon Pearl DS, first guarantee that you have the most recent game update introduced. When you have the most recent game update introduced, follow these means:
From the principal menu, select “Record” and afterward “Recoveries.”
Select the save document that you need to erase and press A.
Select “Erase” from the menu choice and press A once more.

How would I begin another Pokemon game?
The initial step is to pick your experience. There are a few games to browse, each with their own story and characters. Subsequent to picking your game, you’ll have to go with a choice on how you need to play. You can either fight your direction through the game or investigate the world and track down things. Whenever you’ve pursued your decisions, begin the game by choosing the title screen.

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