How to complete Bridgerton Challenge in BitLife? (July 2022) Easy Way!


To finish Bridegerton Challenge, players should accomplish the accompanying principal goals:

  • Be conceived a female in the UK
  • Turn into a popular Author
  • Go to 15+ gatherings with your companions
  • Spread reports about your companions 10+ times
  • Wed an illustrious

Finishing BitLife’s Bridgerton Challenge is simple once you know how to accomplish every objective in the test. Begin by making a female person from England, and afterward follow the means made sense of in the graph underneath.

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ObjectiveHow to Complete it
Be born a female in the UKTo be born as a Female in England, simply create a character, choose Female as your gender, and select the United Kingdom and London as your birthplace.
Become a famous AuthorWhile creating your life, select a character with good smarts (typically above 90). Maintain and improve your smarts throughout your school period. Now, you should apply for a college with a major in English. After completing, look for a writer job in a publication in the Job section. Once you get a job, keep your performance high by using the “Work harder” option, and you will become a famous author in 5 to 10 years. 
Attend 15+ parties with your friendsBefore attending parties with friends, you must befriend at least fifteen people from your school or job circle. Now, use the Party option under the relationship tab to attend one. Relationship > Choose a friend Party.
Spread rumors about your friends 10+ timesSimilar to the last objective, use the Rumor option instead of the Party one to propagate unwanted rumors about your friends. Relationship > Rumor.
Marry a royalTo become a Royal, you will need to marry Royalty or be born as one. It is random to be born a Royal, so marrying is the wiser option. Use the Dating Apps from the Relationship section to find a Royalty and go on dates with them. Apart from that, you can also meet and date any Royalty by joining their Gym. Flirt with them and slowly try to win their heart. After some time, they will propose to you, accept it, and get married. 

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