Tears of Themis Code of Flowers event guide (June 2022)


The Tears of Themis Code of Flowers occasion runs from June 22, 2022, to July 2, 2022, and is available to all lawyers. During the occasion time frame, you can play a bingo tile game to get restricted MR cards highlighting every one of the male leads. Access the occasion by choosing Code of Flowers from the occasion menu.

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Instructions to play the Tears of Themis Code of Flowers occasion

Picking a MR card

After entering the occasion screen, you’ll be approached to pick one of four restricted MR cards. Your decision can’t be changed and will decide the prize subsequent to finishing the primary bingo board. Accepting that you complete all occasion undertakings, you can get the main MR for nothing. Be that as it may, all succeeding cards will cost S-Chips to get. In the event that you’re saving S-Chips for impending efforts, be cautious and pick your number one MR!

Bingo tile game

The occasion mechanics are basic. You want to gather Fragrant Sweets, which can be utilized to flip tiles on the bingo board. Each flip costs 100 Fragrant Sweets and will compensate you with some Stellin, and effectively flipping upward, flat, and askew lines will remunerate you with the things encompassing the cells. You want to flip all tiles on the bingo board to get the MR card you picked.

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The most effective method to get Fragrant Sweets in the Tears of Themis Code of Flowers event

You can gather Fragrant Sweets by finishing occasion errands. Go to the bingo load up and tap on the Fragrant Sweet counter on the base left of the screen to figure out day to day and a single opportunity errands. Day to day errands reset consistently, so try to sign in day to day as the need might arise to finish every one of them to get the main MR card compensation for nothing. All players are likewise qualified to guarantee an unconditional endowment of 1,000 Fragrant Sweets. Remember to go to your in-game mail to guarantee the prize!

How much does it cost to get all MR cards in the Tears of Themis Code of Flowers event

You can get a sum of 1,500 Fragrant Sweets from occasion undertakings and another 1,000 for nothing from the in-game mail. This is the specific number you want to flip all tiles in a solitary bingo board, which will justify you with one MR card. Assuming you miss some occasion undertakings, you want to compensate for the misfortune by spending S-Chips.

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You want to spend S-Chips to flip all tiles in succeeding rounds. It costs 100 S-Chips per tile, or a sum of 2,500 S-Chips per MR card. So to get a subsequent MR card, you want to burn through 2,500 S-Chips. A third will cost another 2,500 S-Chips (adding up to 5,000 S-Chips, etc.

Flipping all corner to corner tiles in every bingo board will give you 200 S-Chips, so you get a limited quantity back for each board that you complete. You can play the occasion multiple times and get every MR card once.

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