Best money farming methods in Monster Hunter Rise (June 2022)


There are two primary strategies for cultivating cash, or Zenny, in Monster Hunter Rise. The first includes visiting the Flooded Forest during a Mining Upsurge and gathering however much Ore as could be expected to sell. The subsequent technique is to cultivate the Gotta Hoard Fast! mission to get compensated with Golden Eggs when finished in less than five minutes. These are the best cash cultivating techniques in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Best Zenny farming methods in MHR

Selling things is the best strategy for getting Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise as the awards for doing chases aren’t exceptionally high. Metal and Golden Eggs are the essential assets that players will gather to sell. The best technique for Zenny cultivating is going to the Flooded Forest during a Mining Upsurge to sell all the gathered metal. The second best technique, requiring less work, is to just do the Gotta Hoard Fast! mission in less than five minutes to get Golden Eggs.

How to farm for Ore in the Flooded Forest

Going on an Expedition Tour of the Flooded Forest or any guide during a Mining Upsurge expands the quantity of things a player can accumulate at each Mining Outcrop. Novacrystals are worth 2440 Zenny a piece and must be seen as in The Flooded Forest. Players can gather various Novacrystals during these Mining Upsurges and can be cultivated effectively the same length as players know where each Mining Outcrop is.

To make directing simpler, players can decide to have their little guide in Detailed. This is finished by going to the Options in the System tab of the menu and going to HUD Map Type. The Detailed Map will show all the social affair regions that players are searching for without growing their guide. While gathering from Mining Outcrops, players can get an extra thing on the off chance that they have the Geologist Skill at Level Three.

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What armor has the Geologist Skill?

Players that don’t have three Geology Jewels will have to wear armor with the Geologist Skill instead. The armors that have the skill are:

  • Brigade Suit S – Geologist Level 1, Capture Master Level 1
  • Brigade Vambraces S – Geologist Level 2
  • Brigade Vambraces – Geologist Level 2
  • Cunning Specs – Geologist Level 2
  • Guild Cross Boots – Geologist Level 1, Carving Pro Level 1
  • Guild Cross Suit – Geologist Level 1, Marathon Runner Level 1
  • Guild Cross Vambraces – Geologist Level 1, Wall Runner Level 1
  • Leather Gloves S – Geologist Level 1, Special Ammo Boost Level 1
  • Leather Gloves – Geologist Level 1
  • Leather Headgear S – Geologist Level 1, Hunger Resistance Level 1
  • Leather Pants S – Geologist Level 1
  • Leather Pants – Geologist Level 1

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