All Clue answers for Steam Summer Sale 2022


Another intuitive game is accessible right currently on Steam for players to partake in. It is a yearly custom for Valve to deliver an intelligent game for the Steam Summer Sale. 2022’s Steam Summer Sale incorporates a bunch of puzzles, with each answer being a game title that is phony yet exists inside the Steam store. Partaking in the game will lead players all through the Steam library, assisting them with finding new extraordinary limits on specific titles.

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All Clue answers for Steam Summer Sale 2022

Subsequent to tolerating the enigma mission for Steam Summer Sale 2022, a strange person called Clorthax will show up and send players on the Clorthax Summer Sale journey. The journey is a progression of conundrums, with every one of the responses being phony games that Clorthax has established all over Steam. Members need to track down the phony game in the store to settle the enigma.

Hint #1

Puzzle: You’ll track down wealth in beat, and notoriety in six strings/But be careful the taxation rate hatchet authority brings

Game: Guitar Billionaire

Hint #2

Enigma: You’ve settled a city and gotten established/But presently might you at any point resolve little lawful questions?

Game: Custard Castle Small Claims Court

Hint # 3

Conundrum: Sport is the point/The trap the appeal/Success the infection/And you are the fix

Game: Bass Ain’t Bitin’ 2022

Hint # 4

Conundrum: Maybe you figured out how to close down your adversaries/Your rewarding amusement park’s still done for

Game: Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate

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Hint # 5

Puzzle: A smarty pants’ colossal need to address you/Will give you and your companions a ton to protest

Game: Actually… Frankenstein’s Monster Edition

Hint # 6

Conundrum: No moves to initiate or decisions to make/This inactive experience favors that you stand by

Game: It’s Probably Fine

Hint # 7

Puzzle: Your part in this domain/Is to direct your ruler valid/To sit on his privileged position/Or mayhap on two

Game: Help The King Get To The Toilet

Hint # 8

Conundrum: The ghastliness the loathsomeness, self-absorbed voyagers/This one’s the dad of every single aesthetic snorer

Game: The Consecration Of Esthme

Hint # 9

Puzzle: This virtual waterway has a full boat conveyed/Two rulers that oar with three little spades

Game: Pro Poker Amateur

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Hint # 10

Puzzle: If your procedure is to keep me close, I’ll make you think. In the event that your technique is to let me go, I’ll raise a ruckus.

Game: Hold In Your Farts

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