ScreenX vs 4DX (August 2022) Know The Complete Details Of Both!

Both 4DX and ScreenX have been created by CJ 4DPLEX-a Korean venue organization. 4DX is more current than ScreenX.

The essential distinction between these two artistic advancements is that one spotlights on the presentation screen while the other depends on movement experience.

Subsequent to watching motion pictures in the two theaters, I reasoned that none is awesome or terrible. Maybe every one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The film decision additionally relies upon the sort of film as well as private taste. Thus, you can’t conclude in brief which one would it be advisable for you go for.

Accordingly, I am giving a top to bottom survey of both ScreenX and 4DX. In this aide, I will make sense of how these two advances vary from one another.

I will likewise examine their particular, highlights, and my own film insight. If you have any desire to take an insightful choice, follow this aide till the end.

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4DX: A Hyper-Realistic Theater

As the name recommends, 4DX gives a 4-layered film impact. It utilizes movement innovation and multisensory signature impacts.
The point is to establish a hyper-sensible climate by repeating the film scenes in the film corridor. 4DX makes weather conditions impacts and natural circumstances directly in the film corridor.

For instance, you can feel the fog while it is coming down on the screen, smoke wins in the lobby in a bomb impact scene.
Besides, your seats move alongside the dashing vehicles, flying planes, and battling characters. In this way, the crowd feels themselves a piece of the film.

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ScreenX: A 3D Technology

ScreenX centers around the screen and shows quality. There are no moving seats or weather conditions impacts. Yet, a monster and special screen.

The fundamental screen is in the focal point of the theater before the crowd. Be that as it may, the screen is additionally developed by projections onto the side walls.

In this way, the scene is played before you in addition to your left side and right sides. This makes a vivid view as the films wrap you from three sides.

4DX versus ScreenX: Similarities and Difference

Making sense of theater innovation in a couple of lines isn’t sufficient. You need to know it all to get an obvious thought.

Thus, here I will thoroughly analyze the two advancements next to each other. Further, I will share my own involvement with these films.

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Specialized Differences

4DX is famous because of its utilization of 21 mark impacts. These are invigorating elements that synchronize the crowd with the continuous scenes.

For instance, downpour, water, scene, lightning, thunder, smoke, haze, snow, wind, bubbles, and so on are made directly in the film lobby.

To cause a bomb impact to feel genuine, 4DX deliveries smoke around the watchers. In like manner, your seats slant, shake, vibrate, run, and move alongside the scene.
In this way, the crowd can feel each scene actually. Then again, ScreenX doesn’t element such developments.

Rather, it drenches you in the film by playing the photos inside your whole visual field. It is the main performance center to utilize various projections innovation.

Five projectors are utilized to extend the pictures. ScreenX consolidates equipment instruments with programming programs. It offers a 270-degrees seeing experience.

Motion pictures are shot in ScreenX organization and afterward worked on further by adding more impacts.

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Screen and Display

4DX performance centers don’t have specific screens. Maybe they have a typical or standard screen. Everything no doubt revolves around seats and movement impacts.

Yet, 4DX seats are additionally accessible at a few different performance centers like IMAX, Cinemark, and ScreenX.

As you most likely are aware, we can see developments sideways while checking the front out. ScreenX uses this capacity and tasks the pictures to the side walls.

ScreenX is leaned toward authenticity by growing the field of vision. The middle screen is extended gigantically by projections on the sidewalls of the amphitheater.

For example, in the event that a vehicle is running on the principal screen, the side walls will show asphalts, houses, and streets. The sidewalls are intended to show the additional recording.


4DX has extensive, agreeable, and classy seats. These seats are portable, and coordinate movement triggers yet are protected.

They are furnished with 3 kinds of developments including up/down, left/right, and in reverse/forward. While a vehicle is being pursued on the screen, your seat moves likewise.

Subsequently, you feel a piece of the scene and pursue the vehicle. There are generally two columns of 4DX seats.

A ScreenX theater for the most part has 300 seats. They are organized in three segments Executive, Premiere, and Silver. These seats are ordered in view of the separation from the screen.

The silver segment is farthest from the screen. The vivid impact changes a little with the seats.

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4DX and ScreenX the two advancements come from a similar venue organization. 4DX was monetarily presented in 2009.

Starting around 2019, there are 678 4DX venues in 65 nations across the world. Generally, ScreenX is a more current innovation presented in 2012.

There are 316 ScreenX theaters in 34 nations starting around 2020. Also, just the films shot on ScreenX can be watched in these auditoriums rather than a wide range of motion pictures.

Ticket Cost

ScreenX is 2-3 times costlier than the ordinary film. The 4DX is as well. Practically both expense you around $30. There is certainly not a massive expense distinction between these two theaters.

In any case, the cash demonstrates its worth the effort assuming that you partake in the film. All things considered, the two films give you a special watch insight when contrasted with standard.

Best Movies to Watch in ScreenX

ScreenX innovation depends on two stages. In the initial step, the film is caught with particular ScreenX cameras.

The subsequent stage is transformation in which the shot film is switched over completely to play on the screen. Five projectors work to grow the scenes.

The picture played on the primary screen isn’t enlarged to the sidewalls. All things being equal, its further subtleties and fringe objects are shown on the right and left walls.

Along these lines, ScreenX motion pictures are restrictive. You can’t watch each film at a ScreenX theater. Some blockbuster motion pictures to watch are Ant-Man and the Wasp, The Meg, Morbius, Fantastic Beasts, Maverick, and The Nun.

Generally blood and gore movies are made in ScreenX design. A few scenes are played in ScreenX design while some are typical. It tends to be irritating and breaks your vivid world.

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Best Movies to Watch in 4DX

Activity, sci-fi, and nature are perfect to watch in 4DX. Since such films will allow you an opportunity to encounter greatest ecological impacts and movements.

Serene motion pictures like “Calm Place” or repulsiveness are not worth watching in 4DX. Since there are no activities or weather conditions impacts.

Moreover, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Mission Impossible, Iron Man, Spider-Man 3, Jurassic World, Avengers, and comparative motion pictures are enjoyable to watch in 4DX.

ScreenX versus 4DX: A Quick Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonScreenX4DX
TechnologyUnique display technology involving 5 projectorsMotion and weather effects are replicated in reality
SeatsComfortable and static seats divided into three section based on distance from the screenComfortable seats but installed with motion effects, tilt, vibrate, and move
Screen DisplayA normal center screen with projecting images on the sidewallsStandard screen, no special features except 3D display at some theaters
PriceCosts 2-3% extra than Standard movie cinemasCosts 2-3% extra than Standard movie cinemas
ComfortabilityComfortable and peaceful environment with static seatsMotion seats and weather effects can make the audience uncomfortable
AvailabilityMore than 300 theatres at 34 countries4DX can be found at almost 700 theatres in 65 countries.

My Movie Experience at 4DX

I have watched a respectable number of motion pictures in 4DX. It seems like a thrill ride. Consistently you feel excited and invigorated. “Quick and Furious” was the main film I watched in 4DX.

It was actually an astounding encounter as I felt running in the vehicle. Later on, I watched Spider-Man, Mission Impossible, and Star Wars.

Truly speaking, I could have done without certain impacts. A shooting scene made a sharp whirlwind close to my ear. Further, battling scenes pounded my seat from the back.

At the point when numerous mark and movement impacts join together, it becomes irritating and diverting. Be that as it may, in any case, I noticed a few watchers were truly having a good time.

My Movie Experience at ScreenX

At the point when I previously entered the ScreenX film, I felt frustrated. Since a little screen was balancing solidly in the center of the corridor. It didn’t appear to be greater than standard screens.

However, later on, I knew the stunt. The film was being played on the middle screen. Nonetheless, the image was enormously developed the right and left walls.

It appeared to overwhelm me and I could see everything obviously. The flying rocks appeared as though they were coming to me. For a couple of seconds, I failed to remember that I was sitting in a film lobby.

The scenes were vivacious to such an extent that I was unable to oppose my trepidation. As of late, I watched my most memorable film on ScreenX. It was the Korean repulsiveness “Guimoon-The Lightless Door”.

This film has been recorded in various arrangements. Telling you sincerely, I felt myself present in the spooky place and got frightened at numerous places.

Notwithstanding, one downside is that you can separate between the primary screen and sidewalls. Thus, at times, the watch experience isn’t simply engaging.

In addition, the picture quality is compromised at certain theaters. Since the principal screen shows an exceptionally completely clear picture while the extended pictures on the walls are somewhat packed.

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What kind of show ScreenX theater has?

A ScreenX theater has a middle screen that looks like the standard film screens. Nonetheless, the side walls of the theater are fixed with a texture that matches the screen surface. In this way, the picture is projected to the left and right walls and consistently synchronizes with the fundamental screen.

Is IMAX better than ScreenX?

IMAX and ScreenX both are not the same as one another. IMAX highlights a goliath screen that stretches from one wall to another.

It gives a vivid view with out-of-screen popping pictures and excellent 12-channel sound frameworks.

While ScreenX plays the principal picture on a focal screen and ventures it on sidewalls for a vivid impact.

It utilizes five projectors to shoot and show films. While IMAX utilizes level and vertical incorporated movies.

Is 4DX diverting or irritating?

In any case, 4DX isn’t appropriate for individuals who endure movement affliction, hypertension, migraines, body torments, or other actual diseases. Since ceaseless developments and abrupt jerks can bother you. Additionally, you might feel dazedness and sickness even following a few hours of returning home. Because of unexpected and extraordinary developments, it becomes hard to focus on scenes.

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Now We Come To Know Which One Is Better

The response to this question isn’t clear. It relies upon various variables which I have made sense of above. Above all else, it relies upon your own taste.

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