How to get Massive Monster Bones in MHR Sunbreak? (August 2022) Latest Updates!

Monster Hunter Rise got an enormous measure of content with the Sunbreak extension. While the center game continues as before, collecting things, hunting monsters, and making gear, there has been a practically overpowering measure of content added. A piece of the new chase is cultivating things like Massive Monster Bone for making the new Master Rank stuff.

Where to find Massive Monster Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

Enormous Monster Bone is found by get-together from bone heaps in Master Rank zones. Whenever it has been plundered interestingly, trackers can have their palamute utilize the Sniff It Out! order to distinguish all bone heaps on a guide for simple cultivating rapidly. Monstrous Monster Bone can be viewed as in every one of the accompanying zones:

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Flooded Forest
  • Frost Islands
  • Sandy Plains
  • Lava Caverns
  • Jungle
  • Citadel

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Gear requiring Massive Monster Bone

Gigantic Monster Bone, in the same way as other bone varieties, is principally utilized from the get-go in creating gear. In that capacity, while beginning Master Rank chases, it’s really smart to look out for bone heaps to reap them.

  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Coil X (x1)
  • Bhahabra Gloves X (x3)
  • Bone Greaves X (x2)
  • Volvidon Greaves X (x2)
  • Velociprey Mail (x3)
  • Bone Helm X (x2)
  • Hermitaur Braces (x1)

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