All Citadel Mining Outcrop Locations in MHR Sunbreak (August 2022) Latest Exciting Details!

The Citadel is one of two new guides added to Monster Hunter Rise with the Sunbreak extension. It is a fluctuated biome with a few distinct environments, offering something for everybody. To know how to strip-mine this spot productively, this is the way.

Where are the Mining Outcrops in the Citadel?

Every one of the mining hubs is demonstrated by the blue spots on the guide above. On the other hand, in the wake of finding a particular mineral on the guide, trackers can utilize their palamute’s “Track it down!” capacity to stamp the smaller than normal guide with each outcrop that contains the specific metal or mineral they’re later.

Mining, similar to any asset gathering action, is a vital piece of the Monster Hunter experience. The Sunbreak extension has made this fundamentally more straightforward thanks to the previously mentioned palamute capacity. Preceding that, trackers would have to retain the area of every hub (however some saw this as a feature of the chase). However, with an ever increasing number of games requesting our consideration, a small amount of personal satisfaction can make an enormous difference.

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