How to get Twisted Stiffbone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak? (August 2022) Easy Way!

Twisted Stiffbone can be found in Master Rank renditions of the Shrine Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. These materials should be assembled at Bonepiles and can be cultivated for easily during Expeditions. Twisted Stiffbones are vital for overhauling weapons in the Kamura Tree, one of the most secure choices for players new to Sunbreak. This is the way to get Twisted Stiffbone in MHR Sunbreak

The most easy method to farm Twisted Stiffbone in MHR Sunbreak

Players hoping to cultivate Twisted Stiffbone can find it on Master Rank Quests or Expeditions in the Shrine Ruins while collaborating with Bonepiles. Leaving on an Expedition will give limitless opportunity to hold cultivating however much they might want. Campaigns likewise get an opportunity of having Upsurges of various Gathering Points or Small Monsters. Getting a Bonepile Upsurge will build how much materials accumulated at each Bonepile, and these can be set apart on the guide in the wake of utilizing the Sniff them Out Palamute capacity. Utilizing a blend of the Geologist Skill and the Raisin d’être Dango will additionally diminish how much time players need to spend cultivating.

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What the Twisted Stiffbone is utilized for in MHR

Twisted Stiffbone are utilized for making a few Weapons and Armor pieces, including:


  • Great Sword
    • Snapper Blade+ – Izuchi Tree
  • Sword & Shield
    • Grand Barong+ – Bone Tree
  • Hammer
    • Kulu Crusher+ – Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree
    • Barbearic Hammer+ – Arzuros Tree
  • Switch Axe
    • Arzurors Revelax+ – Arzurors Tree
    • Conqueress II – Ore Tree 2
  • Insect Glaive
    • Kulu Pike+ – Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree
    • Sturdy Glaive Redux+ – Bone Tree
  • Heavy Bowgun
    • Arzuros Fishergun+ – Arzuros Tree
  • Long Sword
    • Kulu Slicer+ – Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree
    • Gnash Katana+ – Bone Tree
    • Arzuros Strikequill+ – Arzuros Tree
    • Gale Scimitar+ – Izuchi Tree
  • Dual Blades
    • Kulu’s Lasher+ – Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree
  • Gunlance
    • Behemoth Gunlance+ – Bone Tree
  • Hunting Horn
    • Zurogong Sucundo+ – Arzuros Tree
    • Gale Horn+ – Izuchi Tree
    • Kulu Grosso+ – Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree
  • Charge Blade
    • Bonesilt Veil+ – Bone Tree
    • Dragonsong+ – Dragon Tree
  • Light Bowgun
    • Wyvern Chaser+ – Bone Tree
  • Bow
    • Arzuros’ Honeypot+ – Arzuros Tree
    • Kulu Piercer+ – Kulu-Ya-Ku Tree


  • Bone X
    • Bone Helm X
    • Bone Mail X
    • Bone Coil X
    • Bone Vambraces X
    • Bone Greaves X
  • Hunter X
    • Hunter’s Greaves X
  • Arzuros X
    • Arzuros Mail X
    • Arzuros Greaves X
  • Bnahabra X
    • Bnahabra Hat X
    • Bnahabra Boots X
  • Melahoa X
    • Melahoa Jacket X
    • Melahoa Branch X
    • Melahoa Roots X
  • Seregios
    • Regios Greaves
  • Barbania
    • Barbanias Belt

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