Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes 2022 (August 2022) Start time, changes, & more Latest Updates!

Solstice of Heroes is being rebranded as “Solstice” for its return in 2022. While there have been a lot of breaks in regards to the famous Destiny 2 occasion, nothing has been affirmed in regards to them by Bungie right now. All things considered, we’ll adhere to true sources.

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All that to be aware of Solstice 2022

When does Solstice 2022 beginning?

Solstice will start on July 19, 2022.


Players might be updating one bunch of covering all through the length of Solstice. Watchmen will actually want to get numerous variants of a cap, however overhauling defensive layer will permit them to reroll its details and the detail potential. This will then, at that point, be shared across all drops. Any other way, every one of the classes will get extravagant new duds.

  • Titan: Candescent Prism
  • Warlock: Scintillant Prism
  • Hunter: Phosphorescent Prism

Bonfire Bash

The European Aerial Zone will be getting back with the new mode, Bonfire Bash. Watchmen will light “paracausal huge fires” and should safeguard them from enemies. In what has all the earmarks of being a crowd mode, Guardians will actually want to all the more effectively navigate the EAZ with extra drifting islands, and building hindrances having been taken out.

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Event Card

Similar as the first Destiny, Destiny 2 is once again introducing Event Cards with Solstice. Inside the card will be a rundown of objectives to finish during the occasion. The Event Card will be accessible free of charge to all players and incorporates occasion difficulties, occasion seals and titles, and special occasion rewards. From all that Bungie said in the TWAB reporting these changes, it seems like Event Cards will be added to each “occasion” occasion.

Event Challenges

Occasion Challenges are targets that Guardians can finish to procure rewards. This reaches from shaders to symbols and stuff to Event Tickets. Nothing will be time-gated, so Guardians can go as quick or as delayed as they like.

Event Seals and Titles

There will be new seals that can be acquired. Some will be attached to the particular Solstice occasion while others will be attached to different occasions. Progress on the singular seals can be followed through the Event Card.

The multi-occasion Seal expects Guardians to finish a specific number of Event Challenges in every one of the four yearly Destiny occasions. This is likened to how World of Warcraft has accomplishments attached to occasion occasions, and meeting each one prizes globe-trotters with extra treats.

Event Card Rewards

Inside the Event Card will be a choice to overhaul it for 1000 Silver. This will quickly concede players an Exotic award pack. Watchmen can then spend Event Tickets to secure more rewards. Bungie claims that the worth of the finished Event Card is more than 3000 Silver.

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DescriptionTypeInstant Unlock / Event Tickets
Hot Dog Eating ChampExotic EmoteInstant
Sunny Exotic Ghost ShellExotic Ghost ShellInstant
Iris GossamerLegendary ShaderInstant
Skateboarding EmoteLegendary EmoteEvent Tickets
(TBD)Legendary Ghost HologramEvent Tickets
(TBD)Exotic ShipEvent Tickets
(TBD)Legendary Ghost HologramEvent Tickets
(TBD)Legendary Transmat FXEvent Tickets

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