Destiny 2: Weekly Eververse Bright Dust Inventory (August 2022)

The greater part of the things presented in the Eververse store are just available with Silver, Destiny’s in-game paid money. This intends that — to purchase these things — players should spend genuine cash on them. Consistently, nonetheless, a little determination of these things will be placed discounted for Bright Dust, a money earnable in-game, allowing players an opportunity to purchase these things without handing over certifiable money. Here are the things accessible for Bright Dust for the seven day stretch of July 12, 2022.

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Bright Dust Offerings

ItemTypePrice (Bright Dust)
Concentrated MattergemConsumable200
Scavengers BoonConsumable250
Swift PersistenceExotic Ship2,000
Fortunate Beast (Hunter)Armor Ornament for Lucky Pants1,500
Piezoelectric Stratagem (Titan)Armor Ornament for No Backup Plans1,500
Replicate Exploit (Warlock)Armor Ornament for Necrotic Grip1,500
No Entry ProjectionLegendary Transmat Effect1,500
AposematismLegendary Shader300
Flaming Hula HoopExotic Emote3,250
Showstopper DanceLegendary Emote700
Long Haul ShellExotic Ghost Shell2,850
Electromagnetic ExecutionWeapon Ornament for Arbalest1,250
Solar 3.0 ArmorUniversal Helmet Ornament1,500
Defenseless, To Be ArmedWeapon Ornament for CALUS Mini-Tool1,500
Eramis ProjectionLegendary Ghost Projection1,500
Deep-Sea JauntLegendary Shader300
Chrome StockLegendary Shader300
Golden Age WineLegendary Shader300
BiolumeLegendary Shader300
Cabal ArrivalLegendary Transmat Effect450
Sterile Neutrino EffectsLegendary Transmat Effect450
Stasis EntranceLegendary Transmat Effect450

For Bright Dust this week, those things are discounted in the Eververse store. These things will be accessible for buy until the following week after week reset, which happens at 1pm ET/10am PT on July 19, 2022.

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