The best Secret Support Moves in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (August 2022) Latest Updates!

The absolute best in AI help is getting an overhaul in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Palicoes can become familiar with a large group of new abilities that make them significantly more helpful in battle. In any case, subsequent to opening them, it tends to be difficult to conclude which mystery support move is ideal.

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MHR Sunbreak Secret Support Moves

Healing Clover Bat

The Healing Clover Bat is the go-to move for a healer-type Palico. It will deliver a bat that dissipates a recuperating powder after you’ve caused sufficient harm to a beast. As featured in our best Palico abilities guide, we’re devotees of this shaggy companion playing a help job, and having a couple of more mends taken care of is dependably something to be thankful for.

There are five all out Secret Support Moves to open. To open them all, make certain to talk with all of the Palicoes around Elgado. You’ll ultimately turn up journeys that will open the moves.

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  • Felyne Fireworks: Bombardier-type
    • Sets up a massive firework that fires after a fixed period of time.
  • Felyne Power-Up: Fighter-type
    • Upgrades Buddy Support Moves and Palamute Gear by means of a special performance.
  • Healing Clover Bat: Healer-type
    • Releases a bat that spreads a healing mist once enough damage has been done to the monster.
  • Ameowzing Mist: Assist-type
    • Sets up a mine that does elemental damage to large monsters when detonated.
  • Lottery Box: Support-type
    • A lottery box containing scrolls. When a scroll is drawn, a random Support Move will be performed.

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