Best Palico skills in MHR Sunbreak (August 2022) Exciting Details!

Beast Hunter Rise increased the supportiveness of Palicoes in the series, particularly so in the Sunbreak extension. Palicoes can now be furnished with Buddy Skills, which permit players to fabricate create their shaggy colleagues with one or the other help or assault constructs. Be that as it may, which abilities ought to be utilized?

Best Skill for Palicoes in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

With regards to what abilities to prepare on a Palico, we energetically suggest a help construct. All things considered, with regards to causing harm and really battling the beasts, the player and some other co-administrators will deal with that. The Palico is best consigned to throwing out mends and keeping everybody finished off on wellbeing.

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Healing / Support Palico

  • Buddy Friendship
    • Makes hunter’s health recover as well when a self-healing move is used
    • 2 Memory SP
  • Buddy Breather
    • Will perform healing actions even when not in battle
    • 2 Memory SP
  • Medic’s Touch
    • Increases the amount of health recovered when healing
    • 3 Memory SP
  • Support-Centric
    • Make it easier to trigger Support Moves and Palamute Gear, but attack and defense are reduced
    • 2 Memory SP
  • Defense Up
    • Greatly increases defense and negates the effects of Defense Down
    • 1 Memory SP

Attack Palico

  • Part Breaker
    • Makes body parts easier to break the more Attack Skills are equipped
    • 1 Memory SP
  • Knockout King
    • Increases the likelihood of stunning and tiring monsters
    • 1 Memory SP
  • Attack Up (L) x2
    • Greatly increases attack (stacks)
    • 2 Memory SP
  • Critical Up (L)
    • Greatly increases affinity (stacks)
    • 2 Memory SP

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