How to get Fishing Rod and Supplies in Runescape? (August 2022) Easy Way!

In the event that you need a Fishing Rod and different other Fishing Supplies in Runescape, you should visit a Fishing Shop. You can track down Fishing Shops in different urban areas across Runescape. Most significant towns, for example, Lumbridge, will sell Fishing Rods and different supplies at Fishing Shops. One such Fishing Shop is the one situated in Port Sarim. You can track down Port Sarim by traveling west of Lumbridge. At Port Sarim, a man called Gerrant will sell different Fishing supplies and Fishing Rods.

All things considered, you can find Gerrant selling his things at his Fishing Store. To find his Fishing Store at Port Sarim, search for a Fishing Rod symbol on the guide, head inside his store, and address Gerrant. While addressing Gerrant, pick the choice Trade with Gerrant. Doing so will open an exchange menu, where you can buy the accompanying things from Gerrant:

  • Small Fishing net
  • Various raw fish
  • Crayfish Cage
  • Fishing Rods
  • Bait

In the event that you have sufficient gold, you can buy a Fishing Rod and any provisions you might require for Fishing in Runescape. When you get a Fishing Rod, you can involve it for Fishing on the off chance that you make them fish Bait.

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The most easy method to involve a Fishing Rod in Runescape

When you have a Fishing Rod in Runescape, you can utilize it to get different sorts of fish. However, before you can fish utilizing a Fishing Rod, you should even out your Fishing expertise to even out five. You can even out your Fishing ability by utilizing different types of Fishing, like nets and enclosures.

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