How to fix Discord game activity not showing up? (August 2022) Easy Way!

In the event that you are definitely disapproving of Discord game action not appearing as a status message, it very well may be because of a few reasons. To sort out why Discord isn’t showing game action, you should go through a couple investigating steps. All things considered, begin by verifying whether the Game Activity choice is On. You can check assuming Game Activity is On under the Activity Privacy tab in User Settings.

To get to User Settings, press the stuff symbol on the base left of the Discord application. The stuff symbol will likewise be close to the choices for Deafen and Mute, in the event that you can’t track down it. All things considered, when you find User settings, look over right down until you find a segment called Activity Settings. Under the Activity settings area, click the Activity Privacy choice.

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Inside Activity Privacy is the choice to turn on showing current movement as a status message. To turn this choice on, check the choice displayed underneath. Anything that game movement you have will show as a status message assuming that this choice is on. Along these lines, assuming you are in Skyrim, everybody on your Discord can see that you are playing Skyrim. Nonetheless, assuming your Activity status choice is as of now on, you should verify whether your game is enrolled on Discord.

Instructions to add a game to Registered Games on Discord

In the event that your game isn’t appearing as a status message on Discord, it very well may be because of the game not being added as a Registered Game on Discord. To add a game to Registered Games on Discord, you should visit the Registered Games segment under Activity Settings. Inside the Registered Games segment, you can add a game by utilizing the choice called Add it! displayed beneath.

Subsequent to clicking add game, you can add anything that game you are playing via looking for its exe in the drop-down list. You can likewise type the game’s name in the hunt bar to make it show up. At the point when it shows up, click it, and you will add it to the rundown of Registered Games. Subsequent to adding it to the rundown of Registered Games, it ought to now show up as a status message.

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On the off chance that your Discord game movement is as yet not appearing as a status message, we suggest endeavoring the accompanying: Close Discord and Restart it, then, at that point, Reinstall Discord. After a clean restart and reinstall, any issues with Discord not showing game movement ought to vanish.

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