How to farm Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact? (August 2022) Easy Way!

Ocean Ganoderma is a neighborhood specialty local to Inazuma however has establishes in Enkanomiya. The odd parasite like plant lives in waterways and is ordinarily found along coastlines and somewhat further into the sea. It’s essentially utilized as an Ascension material for characters, including Kaedehara Kazuha and Yae Miko.

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Where to find Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact

Being a country encircled by a lot of water, Sea Ganoderma can be found wherever in Inazuma. They’re simplest to cultivate for in Kannazuka, where they’re bunched in huge gatherings that aren’t excessively far separated. In any case, some Sea Ganodermas live somewhat further into the water, so you might need to swim or utilize water runners like Mona and Ayaka to get to them. The following are the areas of all Sea Ganodermas, separated across Inazuma’s essential regions.

  • Narukami Island
  • Kannazuka
  • Yashiori Island
  • Watatsumi Island
  • Seirai Island
  • Tsurumi Island
  • Enkanomiya

Where to purchase Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact

You can buy Sea Ganoderma from Obata, a Fisherman situated in Ritou. You can track down his slow down by magically transporting to the furthest left Teleport Waypoint in Ritou — his slow down is before the primary house on the wharf. Obata stocks x5 Sea Ganoderma for 1,000 Mora each and renews his stockpile like clockwork.

The most easy method to plant Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact

You can establish Sea Ganoderma on A Path of Value: Orderly Meadow in the Serenitea Pot. You can buy seeds from the Realm Depot or get them by getting Sea Ganoderma while furnished with the Seed Dispensary Gadget. You can establish four Sea Ganodermas at a time, and they will be prepared to gather in two days and 22 hours.

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