How to get Aluminum in Astroneer? (August 2022) Easy Way!

Aluminum in Astroneer is a special asset players should create various modules, so here is all that you want to be aware of getting it.

Where to get Aluminum in Astroneer

To get aluminum in Astroneer, you will initially have to get laterite and put it inside a refining heater. You can get the laterite underground from red and pale blue stores underground that look translucent and have a chamber gear-like shape. On the other hand, you can likewise exchange scrap for the material through an exchange stage you can work with the accompanying assets by means of a medium printer.

  • One Tungsten
  • One Iron
  • One Compound

Yet, to get aluminum, you should construct a purifying heater with two gum and one compound through the medium printer by embedding the materials inside it. When you got the purifying heater, put it on the ground and supplement the laterite inside it through joined capacity compartments.

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At the point when the heater completes the process of cooking, you will get aluminum, which you can later use to create the accompanying things – you can likewise utilize that heater for purifying different things on the off chance that you didn’t know as of now.

  • Aluminum Alloy – Requires a Chemistry Lab to make.
  • Landing Pad – Requires a Large Printer to make.
  • Small Shuttle – Requires a Large Printer to make.
  • Oxygenerator – Requires a Small Printer to make.
  • Medium Generator – Requires a Small Printer to make.
  • Auto Arm – Requires a Small Printer to make.
  • Solid-Fuel Thruster – Requires a Small Printer to make.
  • Tractor – Requires a Small Printer to make.
  • Trailer – Requires a Small Printer to make.
  • Soil Centrifuge – Requires a Medium Printer to make.
  • Buggy – Requires a Medium Printer to make. 

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