How to unlock and complete the Mushounin World Quest in Genshin Impact (August 2022) Film Notes questline

Mushounin is the second and last piece of the Film Notes questline, which centers around Xavier’s reclamation after a disheartening effort to deliver another film with the Yashiro Commission’s financial plan. With Okazaki Rikuto’s recommendation, he approaches scriptwriting in another light and presents you and the entertainers with another open door.

The most easy method to open the Mushounin World Quest in Genshin Impact

Subsequent to finishing “Stranger Brirade!”, the Mushounin World Quest will consequently begin. Like its ancestor, Mushounin isn’t important for the Inazuma Reputation Board however is viewed as a World Quest and will concede you Primogems upon consummation.

The most easy method to finish the Mushounin World Quest in Genshin Impact

The mission begins with social occasion the entertainers after the gathering scattered. You can follow the mission markers to track down Koharu in the Kamisato Estate and Sasano in Ritou. Whenever that is finished, go to the Komore Teahouse and address Xavier to see the new content. This time, you’ll play a fictitious person called Kurotani Seishimaru.

Mushounin Act I

In this fragment, you want to recount discourse in light of your lines in the content, which are written in blue. On the off chance that you commit an error, just sit back and relax, as you can attempt once more, however you really want to ultimately choose the right lines to finish this part.

Here are all your lines:

  • Can the dust settle before vengeance is had?
  • Whoever’s eavesdropping outside, come on in.
  • It wasn’t your adoptive parents who died.
  • (Point to the left)

Once you’ve successfully recited the correct dialogue throughout Act I, you can move on to the next part of the film.

Mushounin Act II

Change the in-game time to 18:00 to 20:00 and follow the quest marker to Nazuchi Beach. Make sure to bring a battle-ready team, as you need to attack some Kairagi to convince them to play as extras. After the battle, a battle sequence for the film will start.

Like previous battle sequences, you must stay within the recording area on the screen while completing the tasks listed on the lefthand corner within two minutes. In this portion, all you need to do is step on the three markers on the ground and defeat all the Kairagi without leaving the recording frame. If you make a mistake, you can try again. Once this segment is done, you’ll be prompted to begin filming Act III.

Mushounin Act III

Act III is the last part of a film and involves a three-part dialogue and battle sequence. Change the in-game time to 18:00 to 20:00 of the next day, then follow the quest marker to the cliff on the islet east of the Tenshukaku.

This Act is divided into a few scenes. Like before, a script will be shown to you, and all your lines are in blue. Here are all your lines for Scene I:

  • So he’s gone.
  • I’m sorry, I…

Once that’s done, a battle sequence against Wakayama Kojuuro will prompt. As always, make sure to stay within the recording frame. After the battle, the last dialogue sequence will begin.

Here are all your lines for Scene III:

  • I said the same thing once before.
  • I really like you, Machiko.

After, go back up the cliff to regroup with the film crew. Xavier thanks you for a successful filming session, ending the World Quest.

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