All new Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (August 2022) Latest Details!

The Dual Blades may not cause a ton of harm for each assault, however like their fanbase, they will crowd chases in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and make one believe they’re accomplishing such a great deal more. Ok, we kid since we give it a second thought. Double Blades are an extraordinary starter weapon that consider a ton of opportunity in battle thanks to their versatility and speedy assaults. For fanatics of the weapon type, Sunbreak has unloaded a crowd of new weapons to play with.

Rarity 8Rarity 9Rarity 10
Kamura Warrior BladesDuke’s CleaverFine Kamura Blades
Kamura Warrior Blades +Mud Slicers +Mud Shredders
Mud SlicersMagma SlicersMagma Shredders
Flame BlizzardMagma Slicers +Oppressor’s Miracle
The Kid +Despot’s Blitz +Raider’s Icecarvers
Khezu Skards +Flame Blizzard +The Legend
Blood Wind SkardsTigrex Claws +Blood Wind Skards +
Cyclone +Huge Tigrex ClawsSupercell +
SupercellEvening Dusk +Huge Tigrex Claws +
Dawnmoon DaggersDark AuroraDark Aurora +
Dawnmoon Daggers +Gelid Spirit +Dawnmoon Disrupters
Kulu’s Lasher +Frostmoon BloodclawsKulu Katolos Blades
Gelid SpiritFrostmoon Bloodclaws +Gelid Heart
Midnight WingsMidnight Wings +Fengul Frostclaws
Guillotines +Twin Wyverns BeamsAvidya Blades
Final ChainsawsTwin Wyverns Beams +Final Chainsaws +
Ashigara Axes +LohenschildTwin Wyvern Bolts
Gnashing Flammenschild +Zakun TwinsOeayama Azes
Talon Twins +Zakun Twins +Lohenschild +
Talon Twins +Bladed Edges +Talon Gemini +
Talon GeminiWyvern Lovers +Terrible Twins
Crab HornsRosenzahnLobster Piercers
Crab Horns +Rosenzahn +Limb Cutter
Bladed EdgesDiablos Mashers +Flaming Wyvern Lovers
Jyura Pulverizers +Diablos SmashersRosenehrgeiz
Valtos OsGolm Golm +Diablos Smashers +
Shockblades +Bloom Snow Claws +Valtos Os +
ThunderbladesMighty SoulchokerThunderblades +
Infernal Fury NovaFledderklauenUnquenchable Flames
Infernal Fury Nova +Fledderklauen +Double Droth Flood +
Double Droth +Les ApotresBinary Gorgoth
Double Droth FloodSuzuka Otakemaru +Nightmare Frilled Claws +
Golm GolmDaora’s Hook +Glistening Snow Claws
Illusory Frilled Claw +Fire and Ice +Snow Ravines
Nightmare Frilled ClawsDual Chameleos +Aaskauen
Bloom Snow ClawsRain of Gore +Le Shangri-La
Snow Sisters +Holy Savers +Suzuka Akurou
Sinister Famineblades +Fortis Gran +Demonlord Fist
Raging Claws +Royal Order’s RapiersTwin Sisters
Ro Waga +Double Discharge
Stealth Dango SupremeBazelhound Rookslayer
Elder Fugen’s BladesDaora’s Ventus
Blizzard and Blaze
Chameleos Blades
Crimson Twinwing
Abyssal Celestials
Raging Paws
Elegant Jelly
Gila Ro Waga
Sacred Espadas
Auditore Glam
Stealth Dango Ultimate
Elder Fugen’s Blades +
Royal Order’s Rapiers +
Antique Machina DB

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