Roblox Islands Spirit Furniture update log and patch notes (August 2022) Latest Update!

The new Roblox Islands update brings an assortment of new happy including crowds, missions, changes, and bug fixes to the game.

Roblox Islands has delivered the new Spirit Furniture update on July sixteenth, 2022! This fix carries the capacity to make a Spirit Bed and Spirit Lava Lamp. The Vending Machines have been redesignd, you can get new overgrown blocks, and there’s an assortment of personal satisfaction changes that have been added.

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Spirit Bed & Spirit Lava Lamp

Magnificent new making recipes have been imparted to you by Spirit Merchant Catherine! Make a Spirit Bed or Spirit Lava Lamp utilizing different assets tracked down on Spirit Island!

Vending Machine Overhaul

  • The candy machine experience has been revamped with a better than ever interface!
  • Further developed clearness of candy machine state
  • Presently simpler to change settings
  • Added uniquely input!
  • Added an Offline mode

New Mossy Blocks

  • Added Moss block
  • Added Cobblestone
  • Added Mossy Cobblestone
  • All blocks incorporate piece and step variations!

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Quality of Life Changes

  • Added a World Map button containing data for each island you investigate!
  • Button can be gotten to while in the Hub or Wild Islands
  • Your area is likewise shown on the guide when you are on the chosen island
  • Garbage bins currently return things assuming the player leaves the menu without disposing of things
  • All shots are currently smoother

Hub Changes

  • Supplanted tooltips with closeness prompts for all traders and residents
  • The Maple Isles entryway has been supplanted with a NPC who will send you to the Maple Isles in her sight-seeing balloon!
  • Spiced up the Hub for those with designs setting more prominent than 3!
  • Added new discourse for Hub shippers Quinn and John

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with players stalling out on the stacking screen
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t play the game assuming that their islands were adulterated
  • Fixed Level Stats Menu not shutting while opening stock
  • Fixed resident exchange not shutting while opening stock
  • Fixed Pirate Davey’s journey breaking while disposing of privateer treasure maps
  • Fixed specific fortune hubs not giving players treasure while digging
  • Fixed the Breed Daisy mission not finishing for Fulco’s fundamental questline
  • Fixed issue with Quinn copying

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Crop Market News

  • Potato costs have risen! (11→17)
  • Grape costs have recently dropped! (22→18)
  • Rancher Cletus was as of late heard murmuring regarding coconut costs

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