Fortnite – All new game items and weapons in Patch 21.30 (August 2022) Complete Details!


With each new Fortnite fix update, you can anticipate that new weapons and game things should enhance the ongoing interaction, and Patch 21.30 is the same. Fortnite leaker and information digger, HypeX, has shared understanding into new weapon/game things in the impending patch. He has tweeted that the new fix will contain another short proximity weapon, the Prime Shotgun. Aside from that, the game will likewise see the arrival of the Ice Cream recuperating thing.

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Every New Weapon and Game Items in Fortnite Patch 21.30

The Prime Shotgun has an interesting advantage that permits players to bargain more harm to foes on the off chance that the weapon has more ammo, normally making the main shot more critical than the rest. In this way, on the off chance that you can interface your underlying previously shot, you are ensured to win a ton of short proximity experiences utilizing the new weapon.

Fix 21.30 additionally denotes the arrival of Ice Cream. It was first presented in fix 9.30, just to be vaulted in fix 10.10. Frozen yogurt fills in as smaller than expected consumables that can expand your wellbeing by a specific sum, like a drug fog. We are yet to know the thing’s recuperating numbers.

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