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If you are searching for a Debra Jeter obituary, you have come to the right place. The suicide of Debra Jeter occurred on May 21, 2009, while she was with her two young daughters. She was only 41 years old and had recently been sentenced to life in prison. She was a naturalized citizen of the United States. It was an unimaginable loss for her family, who loved her dearly.

Debra Jeter was a naturalized citizen of the United States

The murder case of Debra Jeter has made headlines across the internet. The mother of two teenage girls was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the deaths of her two daughters. Despite pleading guilty to capital murder, Jeter managed to escape the death penalty by killing one of them and severely injuring the other during a custody visit. In court, she admitted that she had been thinking of suicide for several years, but she did not take the decision to end her life.

While Debra Jeter was a native of Texas, she was a naturalized citizen of the United State after receiving formal education in Texan. Her parents were not publicly named, but her marriage to Lee Jeter, an American citizen, did not end well. Her life became chaotic following a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband, Lee Jeter. Jeter was devastated and tried to take her life on Mother’s Day 2009, a day after a court-ordered restraining order was issued against her. Her two young daughters were in danger of being taken away from her.

Kiersten Jeter, Debra’s daughter, was the only person to witness the crime. Her mother was found guilty of murder, but was exempted from testifying in court because she had been heartbroken. Lester Jeter filed for divorce, and the former couple was granted temporary custody of their two children, Kiersten and Kelsey. Kiersten was spared from trial because her father was an American citizen.

The family of Debra Jeter is devastated by the incident. Although the couple had two daughters, their marriage was experiencing a rough patch. Lester Lee Jeter had filed for divorce in May 2009 for reasons not revealed. The couple was a naturalized citizen of the United States. However, Debra Jeter attempted suicide in front of her daughters. Debra was temporarily committed to a mental health facility and a court ordered that she receive treatment for her mental state.

She was sentenced to prison

After the arrest and sentencing, the community struggled to understand why Debra Jeter acted so savagely towards her children. She was charged with capital murder and attempted murder. The judge set her bond at $1.5 million. In the meantime, the community has been left to wonder what led Debra Jeter to commit such a heinous crime. Debra Jeter has since met with her estranged husband, Lee Jeter, and their daughter, Kiersten, and their mother, who she divorced. Debra Jeter did not speak with the media, and her son’s death is a tragic ironic twist.

According to court documents, Debra Jeter was suffering from a mental health problem. She had contacted mental health professionals to seek treatment. Debra Jeter and her daughters went to an empty house off of Interstate 77 in Milford. The girls were alone. Kiersten Jeter and Kelsey Jeter were not armed, and Debra Jeter stabbed her sister in the back and stabbed her in the neck. Kelsey survived the attack, but the stab killed her mother.

Debra Jeter was convicted of murdering her daughters, Kelsey Leanne Jeter, 12 years old, and Kiersten Leigh. The girls had tried to shield her sister when Kelsey was being harmed. Debra Jeter, who was 33 years old at the time, confessed to the crimes and was sentenced to prison. During the trial, Jeter was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder of another girl.

She tried to take her own life on May 21, 2009

Debra Jeter tried to kill herself on May 21, 2009, when she lured her two daughters into an abandoned farmhouse near Interstate 35. The girls eagerly followed their mother inside, and as they got to the house, Debra showed them the knife she had. Eventually, Kierstan warned her sister to run. When the two girls failed to flee, Debra stabbed them both to death.

Lee Jeter filed for a restraining order against his wife, because he was worried that Debra would harm the girls. The court granted the restraining order, but the restraining order was later lifted. Lee Jeter was concerned that his wife might harm the children after she was released from the mental facility. Lee Jeter filed for a restraining order after his wife attempted suicide, fearing she would hurt them if she was released.

After the attack, Kiersten was unconscious, but she was conscious when a medical helicopter landed on the property. Afterwards, she underwent life-saving surgery at Parkland Hospital. Jeter was sentenced to 15 years in prison and was ordered to pay a bond of $1.5 million. As a result, the family is still struggling to understand the mother’s behavior toward her children.

Despite her tragic suicide attempt, Debra Jeter is an American citizen by naturalization. She attended Texan schools and had become an American citizen through naturalization. She and Lee had a custody battle, and Debra’s children were able to spend time with her for two weeks after the restraining order expired. Lee’s custody order lasted only three weeks, and Debra Jeter was granted unsupervised visitation a day after her attempt.

She was a Texan

Debra Jeter was born in Texas and attended school there. Her parents are unknown. She is an American citizen by naturalization. Her life turned upside down in 2009 when her husband, Lee Jeter, initiated a divorce. She was embroiled in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband over their two children. Now, she seems to have committed suicide. What led her to do this?

Kiersten Jeter, her surviving daughter, met with Debra Jeter. The two of them exchanged some laughter and Debra apologized to her daughter. She also explained why she had done the crime. They had been separated for several years and Debra had been angry with her ex-husband. After the trial, Debra Jeter was transferred to prison. Kiersten Jeter shared several light-hearted moments before her transfer.

Kiersten stabbed Debra Jeter in the back. As she was doing so, Kelsey shouted for her sister to run. Kiersten fought back, and Debra focused her attention on her sister. She cut Kelsey’s throat through the back, severing the airway and major artery. However, fortunately, Kiersten survived. Despite the brutality of Debra Jeter’s actions, she was still traumatized.

After the attack, Jeter was convicted of murdering two girls and one woman. She was sentenced to life in prison, without the possibility of parole. However, she did accept a supplication bargain, sparing her daughter from affirming her innocence. On Tuesday, Jeter’s attorney said she had a gathering with her family before being moved to prison. Donations for the family may be made to Paw Pals in Hillsboro. In addition, Citizens National Bank accepts medical and funeral donations.

She was a mother of three

Lester Jeter and Debra were married for nine years. After the marriage broke down, they filed for divorce. While Debra was in psychiatric care, Lee filed the divorce petition. Debra’s attempt at suicide was the first sign of trouble, and her husband filed for divorce. Lee’s petition was filed on May 22, the day after Debra’s suicide attempt. Lee worried about his wife’s ability to take care of their daughters, and he decided to file for a divorce.

Although Debra had a mental health problem, the woman stabbed Kierstan in the back before chasing Kelsey, the girls were not alone. Debra then attacked Kelsey, slashing her throat and killing her. The girls’ mother, Debra Jeter, picked up Kierstan four hours earlier and brought the two girls to a abandoned home. Debra stabbed Kiersten in the back and cut her throat. She died in the bathroom.

Kiersten Jeter, her sister Kelsey, and her mother, Debra, have avoided the media since the traumatic incident occurred. She was 13 at the time, and has since avoided media attention. The family’s attorneys are handling the case, but the Jetter family has no warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy of the information contained on this Site. Further, the family’s representatives do not want to discuss the case.

Despite the fact that she was a mother of three, Jeter was also a mother of three, and had attempted suicide in front of the girls just two weeks prior to the attack. In 2004, Jeter had already tried to commit suicide, and a few days before, she had taken pills to help her cope with her guilt. It was not until later that she finally pleaded guilty to the charges, and she was sentenced to life in prison.

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