Lazada Project Scam (August 2022) How to Avoid the Lazada Project Scam?

Lazada Project Scam (August 2022) How to Avoid the Lazada Project Scam?

This article shares total insights concerning the Lazada Project Scam and further subtleties on the articulation of the lazada bunch.

Since the start of May, Lazada has become the latest victim of a widespread scam. At least 50 people have lost at least S$430,000 to this scam. In this article, we will look at some of the most common ways to avoid being a victim of Lazada job scams. The first thing to watch out for is the’suspicious’ link that will take you to a WhatsApp conversation that asks you to enter payment details, including credit card numbers and SMS codes.

Have you found out about the Lazada project? Do you realize the administrations given by the Lazada bunch? If not, you have quite recently visited the right blog to find every one of the solutions. This organization has become very famous in India.

In the present article, we will cover all relevant info about the online business organization and further insights regarding its administrations to know Is Lazada Project Scam? For additional subtleties, follow the article underneath.

The authenticity of the Lazada project

The most recent trick news has been coursing among the nation’s kin while everybody is attempting to stay mindful to keep away from the open position trick. Nonetheless, the Lazada bunch is by all accounts genuine. According to sources, Lazada bunch extends to a temporary open position for individuals to finish basic responsibilities, yet such open doors are simply tricks, as affirmed by the Lazada organization through a proclamation and notices that they are not engaged with any piece of it.

In the wake of getting mindful of such a trick, individuals have been looking through What Is Lazada Project? According to reports, the tricksters are requesting that individuals pursue a temporary occupation where the casualties will be offered $300 to $500. Later the tricksters request some settlement ahead of time on the Lazada stage. What’s more, they likewise give Lazada associate connects to acquire the clients’ confidence.

Details on Lazada

Lazada bunch is a confidential restricted organization. It is a popular web based business organization created on 27th March 2012. It is situated in Southeast Asia, though its base camp is in Downtown Core, Singapore. Its online business is spread across numerous nations like Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. In addition, the’s organization will likely serve around 300 million clients inside 2030.

Be that as it may, after the new trick occurrence, individuals question whether Lazada Project Scam or genuine. Such trick occurrences have turned into all the rage. Tragically, many turned into its casualties prompting the deficiency of the casualty’s cash.

Maximilian Bittner fostered this organization. It is upheld by Rocket Internet and is at present claimed by the Alibaba Group. It intends to give brilliant internet shopping administration to every one of its clients.

50 people have lost at least S$430,000 in Lazada scams since the start of May

The scammers use Lazada’s website to recruit users and send them false job offers. The victims are told to complete a variety of tasks and earn commissions. However, the victims have no idea that these tasks are fraudulent. Instead, they are directed to a fake website that resembles the e-commerce giant’s site. The victims then believe that the job offers are legitimate and can withdraw the money they’ve earned.

In the latest case, a 59-year-old woman nearly lost S$500,000 after she was tricked into providing her internet banking credentials and personal details to a scammer. Fortunately, the scam was stopped six days later after the police intervened and convinced her that she had fallen prey to a government official impersonation scam. This scam is a growing concern for consumers and police.

Some of the victims were told that they were being investigated for money laundering. They were then referred to Interpol officer Eric Wong Teng Hui. Others were sent a fabricated letter from the Singapore Police Force signed by Inspector Yong Tian Ming. The scammers then asked victims to provide their identification documents and hand over their money via bank transfer. The scammers claimed to return the money after investigations.

Scammers promise high-paying jobs

The latest scam targeting the e-commerce website Lazada involves a recruitment campaign that promises high-paying jobs. This scam entices people to sign up for an account with a fake website that resembles Lazada. They are subsequently asked to complete various tasks for commission. These tasks are often very simple, and the victim is promised to earn a high commission of up to 30%. In some cases, victims are even asked to transfer money to an unknown individual to qualify for credit.

In one such scam, the victim is asked to pay a registration fee to be hired as a rebate processor. The role involves posting advertisements on various websites and getting a commission when the product sells. In another case, the victim is asked to assemble products or crafts at home, and is asked to pay a registration fee. Unfortunately, the product isn’t finished and, despite his hard work, the “employer” never sends his or her paycheck.

This scam involves false job advertisements on social media sites, including Facebook and LinkedIn. In some cases, fake accounts are used to post fake job openings. However, these ads can also be fake, as they use real accounts to advertise their fake postings. The Federal Trade Commission can help victims who have been ripped off by job scams. However, it is recommended to check with the FTC before parting with money.

They promise commissions

The latest Lazada Project scam is a fraudulent job offer that aims to get you rich. The scammers will send you unsolicited spoofed messages through WhatsApp, SMS, and other social media platforms. These messages claim to offer a lucrative affiliate marketing job. They will instruct you to register at a bogus website resembling Lazada or another well-known online shopping website, and then promise you high commissions. The scammers will also tell you that you can withdraw your initial commissions.

In the Lazada Project scam, potential victims are directed to sign up on a fake website that looks like a legitimate website. The website will then ask you to complete tasks for a small commission, such as clicking on ads. These tasks would usually earn you S$2, with the promise of commissions of up to 30%. In exchange for the credit, victims are expected to transfer their money to individuals they do not know.

Lazada’s reputation is damaged by job scams. In May, police warned the public about spoofed messages claiming to be from the e-commerce website Lazada. Police reports show that as many as 50 people have been victimized, the scam is a growing concern. In fact, it has already cost a staggering S$430,000 to victims in Singapore. The spoofed messages claim to offer high-paying affiliate marketing related jobs and commissions for performing simple online tasks.

They target high-paying market-related jobs

A new scam targeting Lazada website users has been uncovered. The scam involves unsolicited emails posing as Lazada recruiters asking people to perform online tasks for commissions. The victims are tricked into paying money for unpaid jobs that are not really available. During the scam, victims are asked to transfer money to a stranger’s bank account to get the commissions. When they cannot withdraw their money, they realize they have been scammed. In addition, the spoofed Lazada website has been taken down, so users should avoid accepting any job offers from the site.

The Lazada management team has experience in McKinsey/BCG and Shopee projects. The job offers and compensation vary, depending on what you are looking for in a long-term career. The job offers are very good, but if you are not looking for long-term opportunities, this isn’t a good idea. If you are looking for a job in a fast-growing company that offers high-paying market-related jobs, Lazada may be a scam.

This company claims to create 20 million e-commerce jobs by 2030. This is an ambitious goal. They plan to hire eight million people as e-commerce entrepreneurs, and they hope to attract the younger demographic to the market. To attract young people, they are promising to offer entertainment and shopping services through LazMall. While the company has been operating in Southeast Asia for seven years, the company is expanding rapidly to other markets. Thailand is the most important market in the region, and is comparable to Indonesia.

The Worthiness of Lazada bunch

  • The beginning of the web-based interface: The web-based interface was viewed as on 25/08/2009.
  • The pace of trust: The trust point of the online interface is great, around 96%.
  • The duplicated content rate: The online interface has 100 percent content replicated from another webpage.
  • Alexa positioning: The worldwide Alexa position of the online interface is #22928.

Company statement on Lazada Project Scam:

Subsequent to seeing such trick episodes, Lazada bunch distributed an authority proclamation on their virtual entertainment account expressing that every one of these temporary propositions for employment are simply tricks and they are not engaged with any piece of it. In any case, they further added that individuals ought to stay mindful of such trick offers, as the con artists just expect to deceive the clients.


The organization has made everybody mindful that these con artists just attempt to deceive individuals by promising to give seasonal positions. This article gives every one of the subtleties.

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